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Demons go out! Love, come on! 3 (1)
Leon: Hm-hm-hmm~ ♪
Producer: You’re sure in a good mood before the show today.
Demons go out! Love, come on! 3 (2)
Leon: I mean, I’m just getting more and more excited! I’d have never thought that they’d really turn the game I created into a video!
Producer: The stage manager complimented it, too. She said it was a really interesting idea.
Leon: Hehe, isn’t it–? Well, I’m still a little miffed that I couldn’t take part in the conversation, but I can’t do anything about that this time.
Producer: …Leon-kun.
Leon: Hm–?
Producer: Why did you say earlier that you were fine with staying an Aichuu?
Demons go out! Love, come on! 3 (3)
Leon: Eh… No way, you’re still stuck on that?
Producer: I’m not really trying to pester you about it or anything. But still, all of you came to Japan in order to become idols, didn’t you?
Producer: I’ve just been wondering why you’d feel that way…
Demons go out! Love, come on! 3 (4)
Leon: …Do I really have to answer that?
Producer: …I’m sorry. I’ve been really bugging you about it… We can leave this conversation here; don’t worry about it.
Leon: No, it’s not that I don’t want to answer you, it’s just… Saying this again is kind of embarrassing…
Producer: Embarrassing…?
Demons go out! Love, come on! 3 (5)
Leon: Wah-! Don’t look at me with that cute look on your face! I got it, I’ll say it, I’ll say it! Just don’t get mad in exchange, okay!?
Producer: Is there a reason I should be mad?
Leon: I guess not… You’re just so serious.
Producer: A reason that would make me mad because I’m serious… Something about you being a ladies’ man?
Demons go out! Love, come on! 3 (6)
Leon: Man! Why is it that you’re so smart, but you’re still so dense about this!?
Producer: Ehh!? Why are you mad, now?
Demons go out! Love, come on! 3 (7)
Leon: ~~!!!
Leon: I’m saying that I don’t want to be seperated from you!
Producer: Eh...
Leon: Ah–! Look, now you’re making that face! Even though I didn’t even want to say it…!
Producer: That’s the reason?
Leon: Yeah, that’s right! Ahh, god–! Look, I’m just going to go onstage now!
Demons go out! Love, come on! 3 (8)
Leon: Ahh~, I’m so embarrassed I could die–!!
Producer: Ehh!? It’s not time for you to go out yet, th– Ah, he’s gone…
Producer: I see… So he didn’t want us to be split up… Fufu!
Demons go out! Love, come on! 3 (9)
Leon: Yoohoo, everybody! You guys enjoying the show today?
Leon: Actually, the opening today was a game I made up, and they filmed it for us. It looks really fun, doesn’t it?
Leon: You guys should try it next year, too. It’s Setsubun tag! I swear that you’ll definitely have lots of fun!
Leon: Ah, but be careful with how you deal with the beans! Otherwise a different kind of demon will get pissed and come after you!


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