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Producer: (It’s been a while since I’ve come into town, and just as I thought, there are tons of people. A nice-looking cafe somewhere would be…
Producer: Oh? Could the person over there be…)
Producer: Mitsurugi-kun…?
Do you want to know about me 1 (1)
Akira: !
Akira: “—, ——”
Producer: (He’s saying something… Maybe he’s saying to come over there?)
Do you want to know about me 1 (2)
Akira: Hello, Producer.
Producer: H-Hello.
Akira: Ahaha, what’s wrong? Nervous, maybe?
Producer: This is the first time I’ve run into a student outside of school, so it feels a bit strange…
Do you want to know about me 1 (3)
Akira: Now that you mention it, that’s true. I feel pretty lucky to have come to this cafe and been able to see you in the clothes you wear when you’re not working.
Producer: You don’t tease other adults like that, Mitsurugi-kun.
Do you want to know about me 1 (4)
Akira: I meant that, though. You’re surprisingly harsh, Producer.
Akira: What are you doing here?
Producer: I didn’t have any plans in particular today, so I just thought I’d come into town.
Akira: Hmm, and then you just found yourself looking for me without even thinking about it?
Producer: No, it was just a coincidence that I happened to be passing by.
Akira: Ahaha, a coincidence, eh~…?
Do you want to know about me 1 (5)
Akira: [Play] I’d rather we call it an inevitability than a coincidence, you know.
Producer: !
Akira: Producer, your face is all red. Did I maybe tease you a bit too much? I’m sorry.
Akira: The thought only came to mind because I wouldn’t have thought we’d run into each other in a place like this. See, I have a cute side too, don’t I?
Producer: ......
Akira: Your face says that you don’t believe me, doesn’t it? How upsetting.
Akira: You trust me that little?


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