Producer: Well, it’s not as if I don’t trust you…
Do you want to know about me 2 (1)
Akira: I see. Still, I want to get to know you better, so I’d like it if you were more interested in me.
Producer: Oh, was that it? Well then, is it okay if I ask you about yourself, Mitsurugi-kun?
Akira: Sure. Keep the questions coming.
Producer: Okay then… Why did you decide to become an idol?
Producer: I feel like you’ve got the talent for a lot of different jobs besides this one.
Producer: Since I also had a lot of potential for being a producer, it helped me realize what I’d be able to choose to do.
Akira: …I’m surprised. You’ve been watching me that much, have you?
Producer: That’s pretty much what purpose your producer serves
Akira: Heeh~… I see. I’m certainly fortunate to have been born a man, if it means that you’ll look at me that much.
Producer: I’m just going to ignore that…
Producer: If you really want for us to get to know each other better, then just give me serious answers.
Do you want to know about me 2 (2)
Akira: You truly are interested in me, aren’t you, Producer?
Producer: Of course I am. I want to help all of you go from being I-Chu to idols, after all.
Akira: …That’s not exactly what I meant, though.
Producer: Mitsurugi-kun?
Akira: Hey, Producer?
Producer: What?
Do you want to know about me 2 (3)
Akira: [Play] Do you really want to get to know me more?
Producer: !!
Akira: I do. I want to know more about you, Producer, if you’re only thinking about me. I want to learn much more about you, far deeper things, for the rest of time.
Producer: That’s not what I was trying to say…
Akira: “Trying to say”?
Producer: Mitsurugi-kun… You’re just messing with me, right?
Akira: Ahaha, you caught me.
Do you want to know about me 2 (4)
Akira: [Play] Sorry. Your reactions are just so funny that I overdid the teasing.
Akira: Ah, look at that! I’m sorry, I’ve got plans after this, so I have to take off. Well then, see you later.
Producer: (I have no idea what he’s got going on in that head of his… Ah!
Producer: He left with the bill… I guess I’d expect that sort of nonchalant way of showing concern from him.)


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