Producer: (As I’d expected of Mitsurugi-kun. He’s responding to the cameraman’s directions instantaneously.
Producer: I’ll really be working with an amazingly talented person from now on. However—
Producer: What exactly is he really like…?)
Do you want to know about me 3 (1)
Akira: Producer? Hee-yy–!
Producer: Eh– Ah, Mitsurugi-kun.
Do you want to know about me 3 (2)
Akira: What’s up with you, staring off into space like that? Lost in thought?
Producer: Ehh, I was just kind of, thinking a bit about someone…
Akira: If somebody’s making you worry about them that much, then I’m kind of jealous.
Producer: …And now you’re teasing me like this again.
Do you want to know about me 3 (3)
Akira: Yup. You had a pretty uncommon reaction all of a sudden, so…
Producer: Yeah. Let’s just drop this for now.
Akira: …Are you really okay?
Producer: Mitsurugi-kun…?
Akira: You were pretty early getting here this morning, too, so maybe you haven’t slept much?
Akira: It seems like you’re worried about something serious that you’re not telling me.
Producer: Are you worried about me?
Akira: As if I couldn’t be, right? You’re my very important producer, after all.
Producer: (I don’t know what exactly he’s thinking. But I think that he’s really a kind person, probably…)
Producer: Pfft… Fufufu…
Do you want to know about me 3 (4)
Akira: Producer?
Producer: (Of course I don’t know what kind of person he is. We’ve only just met, after all.)
Akira: Hey, what are you laughing at? Did I say something that laughable?
Producer: No, it’s nothing. It’s just that I came to understand something thanks to you.
Akira: Understand something?
Producer: Well, if you don’t already know, then I guess I can tell you.
Producer: You know, I want to know more and more about you. “Far deeper things”, like you said before.
Do you want to know about me 3 (5)
Akira: Pfft, ahahaha! Sensei, you’re really such an interesting person.
Akira: Okay, then. I’ll let you know any part of me that you want to. So don’t take your eyes off of me, got it?
Producer: (He’s really not an I-Chu that I’ll have to help grow very much… I’m really looking forward to whatever’s to come, Mitsurugi-kun!)


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