Dokenshi no rondo 2 (1)
Ban: There! And a turn here! Ah…
[roll, roll]
Dokenshi no rondo 2 (2)
Ban: Ahh… No good. I just can’t get this right…
Ban: And I’m so starvin’ that I can barely move…
Dokenshi no rondo 2 (3)
Chaoyang: Ban-san… Are you okay?
Ban: Ah… Chaoyang? What a coincidence for us to meet here, huh?
Chaoyang: …Yeah. Were you practicing your juggling, Ban-san?
Ban: Ah… Did you maybe see me mess up just now?
Chaoyang: Umm… I’m sorry.
Chaoyang: Truthfully… I had thought that you’d be getting hungry fairly soon, so I bought these.
Chaoyang: They’re steaming hot nikuman…!
Dokenshi no rondo 2 (4)
Ban: Ohh–!!! It’s nikuman–!!
Ban: Chaoyang, you’re seriously an angel… Or no, a goddess!
Chaoyang: …You’re… exaggerating.
Ban: I was gettin’ so hungry that I was starting to feel pretty awful! It okay if I eat these right now?
Chaoyang: Yes… Please eat as much as you’d like…!
Ban: Sweet–! Thanks for the food–!!
Ban: Munch, munch… So yummy!!
Chaoyang: Fufu! I’m glad…that it made you happy.
Ban: I’m seriously moved by this!
Chaoyang: …So then, how is your practice going? Have you gotten the hang of whatever it is you’re working on?
Ban: …Truth is, I haven’t gotten a feel for anything yet. I just keep screwin’ up.
Ban: I’d thought I’d show this trick off for the first time at the next show, but I might not be able to make it in time.
Ban: Mio was watchin’ me before you came along, but all that did was make me feel discouraged…
Ban: And I’ve failed tens of times after that, so I’m gettin’ sick of even looking at these.
Ban: Haha! I’m so lame, right? Mio said that this time, too, that I’m really—
Dokenshi no rondo 2 (5)
Chaoyang: That’s not true!
Ban: !
Dokenshi no rondo 2 (6)
Chaoyang: Ah! I- I’m sorry! I said that loudly all of a sudden—
Ban: Th-That’s the first time I’ve heard you use such a loud voice, Chaoyang…
Chaoyang: Ah… Ah, um… I- I’m sorry…
Ban: You don’t have to apologize!
Chaoyang: I’m sorr– Ah.
Ban: Pfft! …Haha! You said it again, didn’t ya?
Chaoyang: I guess so… Pfft… Ahaha!


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