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Dokenshi no rondo 3 (1)
Ban: Phew-. All that laughing’s cleared my head! Chaoyang, thank you!
Li: …If you’re going to thank someone, you should thank Mio-san.
Ban: Eh? Why Mio?
Li: The truth is that I happened to meet Mio-san earlier, and he told me that you were here.
Li: He said that you seemed to be rushing things when he watched, and told me to come watch instead…
Li: And after that, he suggested I bring some food with me to keep your stomach from grumbling, since you were probably starting to get hungry.
Dokenshi no rondo 3 (2)
Ban: ………
Li: Um… What’s the matter?
Ban: Uuu…. Mio~~!
Li: Wa-wahh! Wh-why are you crying!?
Ban: I’m just so moved!
Ban: That Mio, he always says nothin’ but mean stuff to me, but he’s still right at my side when he does.
Ban: He was brought up in the same orphanage as Eva-sama was a long time ago, but there’s a part of him that really hates being alone…
Ban: But even if he talks like that, knowin’ he’s looking after me makes me so happy!
Li: I see… I’m glad, then.
Li: Ah, but please keep what I said just now a secret. Since Mio-san told me not to say anything…
Dokenshi no rondo 3 (3)
Li: And if I did talk, he said he’d curse me… So scary…
Ban: Haha! That sounds like Mio~
Dokenshi no rondo 3 (4)
Kaoru: I smell something yummy~
Dokenshi no rondo 3 (5)
Ban: Uwah!? Y-You surprised me~. Hey, you’re Kaoru, right?
Kaoru: Ah~, Guilty~ ♪
Ban: Yup! I’m Guilty! Come on, Chaoyang. It’s okay!
Dokenshi no rondo 3 (6)
Li: I-I’m sorry… I was so surprised that I immediately hid behind you…
Dokenshi no rondo 3 (7)
Kaoru: What are you two doing, Guilty~?
Ban: I’m practicin’ a new juggling trick! Right now I’m takin’ a break to have some nikuman!
Dokenshi no rondo 3 (8)
Kaoru: Nikuman! A new trick! I’d really like to see Guilty’s new trick~
Ban: I really wish I could show you, but I still can’t do it very well…
Kaoru: You can’t do it? Well then, I’ll teach you a good technique~!


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