Dokenshi no rondo 4 (1)
Ban: Juggling with nikuman!?
Kaoru: Yeah! I’m gonna be on stage with Guilty this next time~…
Kaoru: So I’ve been working hard at practicing my juggling with nikuman!
Kaoru: It’d be a waste if I dropped any nikuman, so I end up trying really hard~
Dokenshi no rondo 4 (2)
Ban: Those are high stakes!
Chaoyang: It would be a waste to drop the nikuman…
Ban: I’m gonna give juggling with them a go!
Dokenshi no rondo 4 (3)
Ban: Inhale… Exhale…
Ban: (Both Chaoyang and Kaoru are watching me… And Mio has gotta be countin’ on me, too…
Dokenshi no rondo 4 (4)
Ban: (So… Above all else, there’s no way I can let these nikuman fall!)
Ban: (I’m Master’s left hand, Guilty Clown! I’ll definitely do this right!)
Ban: Fountain! Spin it around like this…
Ban: And throw one… up high!
Kaoru: The nikuman’s high up, really high! ♪
Chaoyang: (Ban-san, do your best…!)
Ban: And then a curl and a turn!
Ban: (I’m sure if I do this successfully, then all of the fans will show us the most amazing smiles!
Ban: Mio, Chaoyang, and Kaoru are all hoping that I can do this. And I want to show Eva-sama this trick when it’s perfected!
Ban: I’m definitely… I’m definitely going to succeed!)
Dokenshi no rondo 4 (5)
Ban: Hyaah!!
Chaoyang: The nikuman are…!?
Kaoru: Yaaay! You caught it! The nikuman really spinning, huh~? ♪
Dokenshi no rondo 4 (6)
Ban: ~~! Alright–!!!
Ban: Chaoyang! Kaoru! You see that just now!?
Chaoyang: Yes! Congratulations, Ban-san!
Kaoru: Congrats, Guilty~ ♪
Ban: Yup! That was… That was the first time I got it right!
Mio: Only doing it right once doesn’t warrant you wasting time celebrating.
Dokenshi no rondo 4 (7)
Ban: Mio! So you came back for me, huh? You saw that just now!?
Mio: I only happened to be passing through!
Mio: Hmph! You use balls for the real thing, so that’s not exactly a success, is it?
Mio: …So then, you’ve gotten the hang of it?
Ban: Yup! I feel like if I can get it right it once, then I can do it any other time!
Dokenshi no rondo 4 (8)
Mio: Hmm…. Well, you’d better get it 100% right on stage, or I’ll put a curse on you…
Ban: Gotcha! Mio…
Mio: …Hm?
Ban: Thanks for everything you always do!
Dokenshi no rondo 4 (9)
Mio: ! Hmph!
Ban: Hehehe! Mio, you embarrassed?
Mio: Shut up! Silence, stupid Ban!


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