Dokenshi no rondo 5 (1)
Eva: Guilty Clown. What is the status of your new trick?
Ban: Master! I’ll definitely make sure to show you it successfully today!
Eva: Hmm… Ban, show unto me your face.
Ban: Eh? Master, why exactly…
Dokenshi no rondo 5 (2)
Ban: Oww! M-Master!? I wish you wouldn’t hit my forehead all of a sudden!
Eva: The way you always fret and worry so is not good.
Eva: Be as you usually are. Do that, and there will be nothing for me to be angry over… Right, Sammy?
Sammy: Hoot.
Dokenshi no rondo 5 (3)
Ban: Eva-sama… Sasami…!
Sammy: Hoo–t!!
[flap, flap]
Dokenshi no rondo 5 (4)
Ban: Uwah!? Th-that hurts, Sasami~!
Eva: He is not Sasami, it’s Sammy!
Ban: M-My bad! I’m sorry, so please forgive me!
Eva: Fufu… Well then, Ban, present for me your new trick in the way that most satisfies you!
Eva: I’m anticipating much from you…
Dokenshi no rondo 5 (5)
Ban: Master… Roger that!
Dokenshi no rondo 5 (6)
Kaoru: Ah~! Found ya, Guilty! It’s gonna be your solo soon~. Hurry, hurry~!
Ban: ! I’m comin’ right now!
Ban: Okay then, Master! I’m definitely gonna make this a huge success!
Eva: Heh. …I know that you’re over there, Mio.
Dokenshi no rondo 5 (7)
Mio: Of course Master would! To think you’d find out I was hiding so quickly…!
Eva: I am able to see all that there is to the two of you…
Eva: Such as, say, that you were overseeing Ban’s endeavors on perfecting his new trick?
Dokenshi no rondo 5 (8)
Mio: !? Th-that’s not true! I was only watching to make sure that he didn’t embarrass you, Master!
Eva: Fufu. You both truly are my adorable servants, aren’t you…
Eva: (Come, Ban. Now is the time to showcase your strength!)
Dokenshi no rondo 5 (9)
Ban: (Now’s the time to show them the trick I’ve practiced!)
Ban: (Spin the ball round and round, then throw it up high!)
Dokenshi no rondo 5 (10)
Ban: (Turn… and catch the ball I threw up!)
Ban: (Okay, now!)
Ban’s fans: Uwah! Amazing–! Rose petals flew out all of a sudden!
Ban’s fans: So pretty…!
Ban: Silence!
Dokenshi no rondo 5 (12)
Ban: These red rose petals are beautiful, yet fleeting; beautiful, but have thorns. Though these petals have been stained red, as if they’ve soaked up fresh blood—
Ban: Which is incredibly beautiful…
Ban: With these sharp claws of mine, I’ll make red blossom forth from all of your white skin!
Ban: And in doing so, you shall all fall as beautifully as these red roses!
Ban: Now, choose! Those of you who wish to be torn apart, come forth.
Ban’s fans: Kyah-! Ban-kuuun! Pick me–!
Ban: Fufu… Who shall become my sacrifice…? It is all for the sake of my master, Elizabeth Bathory![1]



  1. Elizabeth Bathory was a countess and serial killer from the Báthory family of nobility in the Kingdom of Hungary(Wikipedia)

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