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*sounds of camera flashing*
Cameraman: Satsuki-kun, smile more!
Satsuki Ehh–! Aren’t I already smiling enough?
Cameraman: Not enough, not enough! Do the same happy face you make whenever you are with Mutsuki-kun
Satsuki: Ahh, that’s impossible! Because right now, Mutsuki isn’t here. That smile is exclusively for Mutsuki, you see!
Cameraman: Oh! That mischievous child-like expression you made just now was good!
Satsuki: Really? Then, I’ll think of ways to fool around with the Producer during this photoshoot.
Cameraman: Ahaha! Satsuki-kun, you really love the Producer, don’t you?
Satsuki: Hah!? It’s not like that!
Cameraman: Give me that angry expression too!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 1 (1)
Satsuki: Cheh… If I get angry now, it’ll look like I’m doing as you expect me to. Besides, where did the Producer go again?
Cameraman: Ah, she’s probably dealing with the story of this studio’s president. The president loves to tell that story to the staff members.
Satsuki: That story, you say?
Cameraman: Actually, the estate that the so-called “One-eyed dragon”, Masamune Date, lived in until his life ended long ago is apparently in the vicinity of this studio.
Satsuki: Masamune Date? I feel like I’ve heard that name before~
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 1 (2)
Satsuki: What does “one-eyed dragon” mean?
Cameraman: Eh?! If you don’t know Masamune Date, Satsuki-kun, could it be that you’re not very good at History?
Satsuki: S-Shut up! Anyway, let’s hurry up and finish the photoshoot.
Cameraman: Ah! You’re right! I got so immersed in talking that it completely slipped my mind.
Satsuki: Sheesh, I guess it can’t be helped.
Satsuki: In the end, I still don’t really understand what that “one-eyed dragon” just now meant.
Satsuki: I think I’ll ask the Producer later.
Producer: Ah, Satsuki-kun. You’ve finished the photoshoot. Sorry for making you wait!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 1 (3)
Satsuki: You really made me wait too long! Could you explain to me why?
Producer: Ahaha… Sorry. While listening to the story of this studio’s chairman, it became this late and…
Satsuki: Honestly! Which is more important, my photoshoot or that chairman’s story?!
Producer: Of course, it’s Satsuki-kun.
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 1 (4)
Satsuki: !? W… W-W-W-What the… You say that surprisingly clearly, aren’t you….
Producer: I wasn’t just pretending to listen to the chairman’s story, you know! I got you your next job!
Satsuki: ...Sigh. As expected, I was being stupid.
Producer: You know! It seems like the magazine editorial department of the chairman’s acquaintance wants to feature an article of a young, good-looking idol.
Producer: After I pleaded with them to let us have that page, they gave me an OK.
Producer: After they saw your photoshoot today, they seemed interested! Look, the cameraman told you about Masamune Date’s story, didn’t they?
Satsuki: What the, so you were properly watching after all.
Producer: I was watching from afar, though. So what has been arranged is that you’ll dress up as a warlord and carry out the photoshoot in the next session.
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 1 (5)
Satsuki: Eh? But I know nothing about warlords and all that stuff…
Satsuki: (Ah, that’s right. I’ll have the Producer tell me about that “one-eyed dragon” guy just now.)
Satsuki: So hey—
Producer: That’s not good, Satsuki-kun! Saying that you’re not familiar with historical figures! Japanese History is quite interesting, so I think it’s best if you study it.
Producer: Here, have this.
Satsuki: This is... A history book!?
Producer: I just borrowed this from the chairman so do internalize it by the next photoshoot!
Producer I need to go for the next briefing session so I’ll leave it off here for today.
Producer So then, take care!
*Door closes*
Satsuki: …This is seriously the worst.
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 1 (6)
*flipping through the book*
Satsuki: Ahh, this is so dull… When I read wordy books like this, I end up feeling sleepy like Mutsuki.
*continues flipping*
Satsuki: Hm? I think I saw the word “one-eyed dragon” just now… Let’s see…. Oh! There it is, there it is.
Satsuki: What’s this, what’s this? “One-eyed dragon” is Masamune Date’s nickname.
Satsuki: In his youth, he lost the vision in his right eye during his duty in the mountains and since then, was called as such.
Satsuki: Hehh. So he was able to go to battle with only one eye. Amazing, he had a big reputation…
Satsuki: That reminds me, just now, the cameraman talked about Masamune Date’s estate. Could it be somewhere around here?
Satsuki: Hmm… Even when I look around, it doesn’t seem like there’s any historical estate so I bet it was a downright lie!
Satsuki: In the first place, since it’s not explained in detail, I can’t know if this Masamune Date guy really existed.
Satsuki: The thought of me dressing up as a warlord for the next photoshoot is laughable. Ahaha!
*rumbling sound*
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 1 (7)
Satsuki: Huh? What’s this sound…? It suddenly became dark… Wait, what is this?!
Satsuki: Wah!? I-I’m being sucked in! Uwaaaah—!!
Producer: Satsuki-kun—! That’s strange. I thought I could still catch up with him…
Producer: This is all because I was careless and forgot the schedule book. …Hm? This is the history book I gave to Satsuki.
Producer: Why has it been dropped here?

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