Satsuki: ………
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 2 (1)
Satsuki …Nn… Huh? Where am I?
Satsuki: If I… Remember correctly, I got sucked into a black hole and… Ahh, it’s no use! I can’t remember anything after that
Satsuki: In any case, what is this place? I can’t remember walking around this sort of place.
Satsuki: I can’t see any houses or shops anywhere near me and speaking of what IS here…
Satsuki: A castle?
Satsuki: No no no… I wasn’t walking anywhere near a castle.
Satsuki: These are Japanese castles right? But it’s the castle of which area?!
Satsuki: Huh? Is there someone coming from over there?
Satsuki: They’re far away so I can’t really see them… Aren’t they walking a bit fast? Are they running?
Satsuki: Hm?! They’re riding something?! It’s a bicycle… No… Isn’t that a horse?!
*horse skids to a halt*
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 2 (2)
Masamune Date: You sure have some guts to step into someone else’s territory with those dirty feet of yours.
Satsuki: ………
Masamune: Oi, who in the world are you? Identify yourself
Satsuki: (Eh? What’s with this guy? I don’t understand why he’s going around in modern day Japan riding a horse like it’s normal…)
Satsuki: (Ah! Could it be one of those recent show exhibitions held for tourists who came to see the castle?)
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 2 (3)
Satsuki: What the heck, so you’re wearing such clothes for entertainment huh~ Don’t surprise me like that!
Masamune: …What are you talking about? Rather than mine, don’t you think what you’re wearing is even more strange?
Masamune: I’ve never seen anyone wear such strange clothes. Now then, whose spy are you?
Satsuki: Spy? You’re wrong, you’re wrong! I’m Satsuki Kururugi and um… Right! I’m just an I-chu, an idol in the making!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 2 (4)
Satsuki: I'm not a spy!
Masamune: Aichuu? I’ve never heard of such a word before.
Satsuki: Really? But you at least know what an idol is right? See, I’m an idol that sings songs. I-D-O-L!
Masamune: Since earlier, you’ve been saying things whose meanings I don’t understand. As I thought, you’re suspicious…
Masamune: Well, it doesn’t matter. If I capture you and dispose of you, it’ll be the end of the story.
Satsuki: Umm… Even if it’s a fake, isn’t it dangerous to point that katana at people?
Masamune: There’s no way that this is a fake. It’s obviously the real, isn’t it?
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 2 (5)
Satsuki: There you go again~ According to the Swords and Firearms Control Law, if you walked around with something like that in Japan, you’ll get arrested, won’t you?
Masamune: To be have been spouting such nonsense this whole time, you must be an inconceivably idiotic person.
Masamune: With that body of yours, I’ll show you how sharp my katana is.
Satsuki: ?!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 2 (6)
Satsuki: (Eh? That thing is real? W-What should I do?!)
Satsuki: (Saying that he doesn’t know what an idol is, isn’t this guy the weird one?!)
Masamune: Now, prepare yourself--!
Satsuki: (This is bad! I’ll be killed!!)
Satsuki: U-Uwah!!!
Masamune: ?! It’s cold. What is this… Is it water?

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