Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 4 (1)
Masamune: You want to learn fencing from me? That was really surprising. Tell me the reason why do you want to practice it
Satsuki: Well one of the reasons is that I want to become a cool general like you, but the most important reason is that...
Satsuki: Ehm...There's someone I want to show my cool side to
Masamune: I see. So it's for a woman
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 4 (2)
Satsuki: !? I didn't mention if it was a woman or not!
Masamune: You don't need to hide it. I don't hate people like you that want to become stronger for the woman they love
Masamune: I say that but, I'm actually really busy
Satsuki: ..............
Masamune: Men shouldn't make a dispirited expression..... It can't be helped. Only until the sun sets. If you're ok with that then I'll help you practice
Satsuki: ! T-Thank you very much!!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 4 (3)
Masamune: Ok. Then...I guess this will do it
Masamune: Come on, use this tree branch on the floor
Satsuki: This tree branch?
Masamune: It seems like you have never touched a sword in your life before. First you'll need to memorize how to swing a sword
Masamune: My teaching is really strict so be sure to follow everything!
Satsuki: Roger! Alright, I'll give it my best!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 4 (4)
Satsuki: Fuh! Fuh!
Satsuki: Hey! For how long do I have to keep this up?
Masamune: Forever
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 4 (5)
Satsuki: Eeeh...Fuh!
Satsuki: (If I keep swinging like this all the time I'll get really tired....)
Satsuki: (Someone, this is no fun at all~ Ah, right! I'll think of a prank to play on the Producer♪)
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 4 (6)
Satsuki: Uwah?! Cold!
Satsuki: Hey! Can you not shoot me with the water gun I gave yo--wha?!
*swoosh swoosh*
Masamune: I just splashed you with some water since it seemed like you couldn't concentrate and were thinking of other stuff
Masamune: So? Did your head cool off?
*swoosh swoosh*
Satsuki: ~~~ I got it! It was my fault and I'm sorry for it so don't shoot me with it, come on~
Masamune: If you understand then we're fine. People that aren't from this era are really interesting after all
Satsuki: ?! What does that mean? How did you understand that I was not from this era?!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 4 (7)
Masamune: Yes. I have near me someone that has an easygoing expression like you. She seems to be from an era 500 years after this
Masamune: And exactly like her, you're holding something unusual that I've never seen before
Masamune: So I thought that maybe you came here from a faraway era too
Satsuki: S-So it's like that...So I wasn't the only one that went through this
Satsuki: (So if I ask that person I might be able to go back to my era)
Satsuki: (That kinda made me feel better now!)
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 4 (8)
Masamune: It seems you're not stiff from nervousness anymore
Satsuki: Eh? ....Is that so?
Masamune: Yes. You were putting unnecessary power into it, and even though you kept swinging you weren't going anywhere
Sastuki: (I see...So I have been nervous until now)
Masamune: Put more power into it, Satsuki. Don't fear swinging the sword. You have to have fun with it too
Satsuki: Having fun?
Masamune: Yes. Look....
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 4 (9)
Satsuki: (!? He took out his sword!)
Masamune: .............
Masamune: ..........Fuh!
Satsuki: !
Satsuki: (What pretty movements! And Date-san is also...He's smiling!)
Masamune: Now I just cut the herb in an horizontal line, but I can also beatifully cut a leaf that's falling
Masamune: Come on, take it!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 4 (10)
Satsuki: Eh! Why are you giving me your sword, Date-san!
Masamune: So that you would swing it, right? Try it now
Satsuki: Eh...EEE--!?

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