Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (1)
Satsuki: H-How can I do it! This is the first time I'm holding a sword...!
Satsuki: (And it's pretty heavy too...! Somehow, I'm starting to get afraid)
Satsuki: (My hand is shaking....!)
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (2)
Masamune: Don't falter!
Satsuki: !?
Masamune: There's an opponent you want to show your cool side to. If so then don't panic before swinging it
Masamune: If your opponent attacks you with something, will you be fine by just trembling and watching?
Masamune: You need to train yourself to be able to protect someone. That's why you shouldn't show fear. Make a decision
Satsuki: I....
Satsuki: Wha-!....Again with the water!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (3)
Masamune: You're holding something so funny, so there's no mistaking it that you're someone that likes funny things
Masamune: I'm the same as you. I try to have as much fun as I can when I have to do something
Masamune: It's because I consider you close that I can say it for sure. You can do it. Believe in me
Masamune: Have fun, don't be afraid. Swinging the sword like you want is the best shortcut to protecting someone
Satsuki: (Swinging the I want....To protect someone important to me--)
Satsuki: Date-san....! Thank you! I'll do it!
Masamune: Those are good eyes full of decision....Come on, do it! Show me your resolution!
Satsuki: (There's no need to be afraid....Don't be afraid. On the contrary, have fun!)
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (4)
Satsuki: (I can swing it like I want....I'll show a cool side like Date-san!)
Satsuki: Teryaa!!
Satsuki: ....I cut it....I cut it, Date-san!
Masamune: There's a rough part too...Well, that's like you. You did well, Satsuki
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (5)
Satsuki: UWAH! Attention! Don't pat the head of a person armed with a sword~!
Masamune: I can read through your swordsmanship so it's ok
Satsuki: Geez...
Masamune: Now, this is the end of your training. I'll go back to my palace now
Satsuki: Eh? Did it finish?
Masamune: The promise was that we would train until the sun sets right? It's already past that
Masamune: Bye then, Satsuki. Be cautious and return to your era
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (6)
Satsuki: !? W-wait, Date-san! There's still stuff I want you to teach m--
Satsuki: ! That black hole again?! UWAH!!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (7)
Masamune: Hm? Satsuki, what's wrong....He disappeared?
Masamune: So he returned to his era....He was quite the interesting boy
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (8)
Satsuki: It hurts....Eh, I returned!!
Satsuki: Haaa~ Anyways, why did I go to Date-san's era....
Satsuki: Was it a dream perhaps...
Producer: Ah! I finally found you, Satsuki-kun!!
Satsuki: Producer....
Producer: I was searching a lot for you! But, what's wrong? You're staring in the you feel ill?
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (9)
Satsuki: ....No, it's just that I felt relieved when I saw you, and became exhausted
Producer: .......Do you have a fever?
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (10)
Satsuki: Geez! What's with that reaction! More importantly---
Satsuki: I want to do the next photoshoot as soon as possible!
Producer: Eh? But didn't you hate it? What happened all of a sudden?
Satsuki: That's because....A general I respect told me how a man should be!
Producer: How a man should be?
Satsuki: Yes! Aaah, I'm looking forward to the photoshoot!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (11)
Satsuki: Have fun, don't be afraid. Swing the sword like you want!
Cameraman: ~~~!!! Very nice, Satsuki-kun!! I shivered!
Cameraman: When did you learn to make that expression!
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (12)
Satsuki: Hehe! It's because of the teachings of the "One eyed Dragon"!
Cameraman: One eyed dragon? Are you talking about Masamune Date? Haha! Satsuki-kun, you're great with the jokes~
Dokuganryu Satsuki Suisan 5 (13)
Satsuki: (It's fine if you don't believe me. I can be the only one to know it)
Satsuki: (I'm really grateful to Date-san! I will never forget what you told me)

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