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Don&#039;t forget I&#039;m a crossdresser too 1 (1)
Momo: There are so many flowers all over the place~! I’m so glad I came to such a beautiful school~
Producer: Is somebody over there?
Don&#039;t forget I&#039;m a crossdresser too 1 (2)
Momo: Uwah!
Producer: Ah, I’m sorry…? I wasn’t trying to scare you…
Momo: Owwie… It’s okay. I should be saying sorry for being so surprised. I’m such a klutz, ahaha.
Producer: …But more importantly, your legs. You’re in a skirt, so you shouldn’t spread them open like that. And also…
Producer: Didn’t Hanabusa-san tell you to use “Momo” to refer to yourself instead of “Boku”?[1]
Don&#039;t forget I&#039;m a crossdresser too 1 (3)
Momo: Wah! That’s right. Today I’m… I mean, Momo’s wearing a skirt.
Momo: I just can’t seem to get used to girls’ clothes. Momo should be more careful, or Kokoro-chan will get mad at me.
Producer: Ahaha, you really should be careful so that he doesn’t get mad. By the way, do you remember me?
Momo: Yeah! I’ve remembered juuu-st like I’m supposed to. You’re [Name]-san, right?
Producer: That’s good, I’m glad you remembered my name. By the way, what are you doing on the roof, Oikawa-san?
Don&#039;t forget I&#039;m a crossdresser too 1 (4)
Momo: Nothing in particular. Just taking a spin around the school to look around.
Momo: This school is amazing, isn’t it? I mean, there are so many flowers up here on the roof. It really moves Momo’s heart. As expected of the Etoille Vio School.
Momo: Sooo much sunlight shines down here, so the flowers are blooming beautifully. I’m sure they’re really happy about that.
Producer: Are you interested in flowers?
Momo: Yup. Momo loves to tend flowers! They bloom as beautifully as the amount of love you give them.
Momo: Sigh–. If only I had on my gardening gloves instead of this frilly outfit today…
Momo: If I did, then I could then I could take care of these guys as much as I wanted to.
Producer: (He’s really serious about wanting to tend to these flowers… I wonder if there’s a place where I could let him do that…)
Don&#039;t forget I&#039;m a crossdresser too 1 (5)
Momo: ? What’s wrong? You got quiet all of a sudden.
Producer: (I’m sure he’d be happy if he had a spot that he could start planting in from scratch. Maybe if I somehow could give him a corner in the courtyard, or…)
Momo: …[Name]-san?
Producer: (In any case, his cute appearance and his love of flowers really make him seem like a girl…)
Momo: [Name]-san, why are you looking at Momo like that?
Don&#039;t forget I&#039;m a crossdresser too 1 (6)
Momo: [Play] I-It’s embarrassing for you to look at me like that…
Producer: (…And the way he gets so shy definitely makes him seem even more like a girl.)
Momo: …It can’t be that interesting to stare at me like that, can it?



  1. Boku is a pronoun used by male speakers to refer to themselfs.

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