Producer: It’s just that you look so cute that I couldn’t help but stare.
Don't forget I'm a crossdresser too 2 (1)
Momo: …Really? I wonder if I really can become a crossdresser that everyone loves like Kokoro-chan.
Producer: I’m sure you can. If you diligently study here, then you can become the cutest group in the entire world!
Momo: I see! Well, if you say so, [Name]-san, then that must be the case!
Producer: ...Say, Oikawa-san.
Don't forget I'm a crossdresser too 2 (2)
Momo: What is it–?
Producer: You do know that I’m your producer as well as your teacher, don’t you?
Momo: Yup, I know.
Producer: Then I’d like it if you could call me “Sensei” or “Producer”, rather than by my actual name.
Momo: Hmm… I see, I understand.
Producer: And moreover, you’re back to using “boku” again?
Don't forget I'm a crossdresser too 2 (3)
Momo: …Did I say “boku” to refer to myself again? Huh? Oh, I really did~. I’m saying “boku”, aren’t I!
Producer: Ahaha! And you’re still using it, even now.
Momo: I didn’t notice at all… I’ll pay more attention. And even after Kokoro-chan told me to call myself “Momo”…
Producer: Haha, you sure do get along well with Hanabusa-san.
Don't forget I'm a crossdresser too 2 (4)
Momo: Yeah! Kokoro-chan, Runa-chan and Momo are all great friends! Do you like Kokoro-chan, Sensei-san?
Producer: Sure. Hanabusa-san’s so adorable that I absolutely adore him.
Momo: Well then, I guess that Momo will be able to like you, too, Sensei-san.
Producer: Why do you think that?
Momo: Well, Kokoro-chan can be stubborn, but they’re really a very good person.
Don't forget I'm a crossdresser too 2 (5)
Momo: Very strong, and kind… A person that Momo really loves. So, if you like Kokoro-chan, then you must be a wonderful person.
Momo: Ehehe, Momo’s got to work reallllly hard from now on so that you’ll like me, too!
Momo: Momo would be really happy if you could like me as much as you like Kokoro-chan. So here, Momo will give you a hug ♪
Don't forget I'm a crossdresser too 2 (6)
Producer: !
Momo: [Play] Mmm~… Producer-san, you sure smell nice.
Producer: D-Do I, now? I didn’t think I smelled that good, though.
Producer: …By the way, who taught you this sort of thing?
Momo: Hm? Earlier, Kokoro-chan told me that giving someone a hug would make their heart pound, so I’m being a little bit of a copycat.
Momo: Momo thought it would be good to make your heart pound a bit. Did it?
Producer: I- I see. Yes, quite a bit.
Momo: Hooray ♪
Producer: (He’s a kind of intimidating kid to be able to do this so naturally…)


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