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Producer: After I get everything ready for tomorrow’s class, I guess I can head home… Okay, just one last bit to deal with!
Don&#039;t forget I&#039;m a crossdresser too 3 (1)
Momo: Sensei-saaan!!
Producer: Is that Oikawa-san? Where exactly is his voice coming from…
Momo: I finally found you!
Producer: !
Don&#039;t forget I&#039;m a crossdresser too 3 (2)
Momo: Look, look! Kokoro-chan gave Momo a new outfit!
Producer: …It’s not an everyday outfit as much as it is a stage outfit. A costume for you to wear when working as an idol.
Momo: Oh, is Momo already an idol!?
Producer: …A costume for you to wear when you’re working to become an idol.
Momo: Ahhh, okay, so that’s what it was–. So Momo’s going to be doing the work of a real idol from now on, too…!
Producer: ...Are you happy?
Momo: Yeah! After all, Momo came here to become an idol with Kokoro-chan.
Producer: Well then, I guess you’ll have to work really hard from now on, won’t you?
Don&#039;t forget I&#039;m a crossdresser too 3 (3)
Momo: Of course! But more importantly, Sensei-san. Is Momo cute? Does Momo look like a real girl?
Producer: Yep. I can’t wait to see what you all look like standing next to each other. Where are Hanabusa-san and Kagurazaka-san?
Momo: The two of them have already gone home.
Producer: Eh? You didn’t want to try your stage outfits on together?
Momo: We all said that we’d try them on together and do our best from here on out. Then we practiced one of the songs and they went home.
Momo: But Momo wanted to show you how this looked no matter what, so Momo stayed behind to look for you, Sensei-san.
Producer: …But if you had just told me, I would have come to your practice.
Don&#039;t forget I&#039;m a crossdresser too 3 (4)
Momo: …Momo wanted you to just see me, not the three of us.
Producer: …I see. That makes me kind of happy. Thank you for coming to see me.
Momo: Sensei-san, you really are cute. When you smile, it’s kind of light and gentle, or something…
Don&#039;t forget I&#039;m a crossdresser too 3 (5)
Momo: [Play] Ehehe ♪ You’re really cute, just like a flower. Momo’s… heart is beating kind of fast~
Producer: Your heart’s beating fast…?
Momo: Wahh, I actually said that! Er, wow, look at the time. I promised my family to come home quickly today.
Momo: Goodbye, Sensei-san! See you tomorrow–!
Producer: And he’s gone. …Oikawa-san is certainly an interesting kid, isn’t he?


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