Producer: Was it boring before meeting Akabane-kun and Sanzenin-kun?
Don't get too serious 2 (1)
Issei: It certainly wasn't that good
Producer: What do you mean with "it wasn't that good"?
Issei: When I think of it now, maybe the fact that I used to get into fights since I was bored?
Producer: (Why is he saying such scary things without hesitation....Ah, don't tell me....!)
Producer: .......Maybe it's a bit late for me to ask now but, you aren't getting into fights anymore now, right?
Don't get too serious 2 (2)
Issei: Fu, who knows?
Producer: Don't give me that "who knows"! Are you getting into fights? Or are you not??
Don't get too serious 2 (3)
Issei: What's up with that. You're getting annoying. Are you that worried?
Producer: Of course I am! What if you get an injury or something else because of them....
Issei: Yeah yeah. You're really annoying. I'm not getting into fights anymore.
Don't get too serious 2 (4)
Issei: I did it only out of boredom. Now I don't have to time to be bored right?
Issei: Since I have them now it's not that boring. And you're here too.
Producer: Haa....I'm glad...
Issei: You waver too much when it comes to me...
Producer: It's just because you're that important to me
Issei: Yeah yeah
Producer: What's up with that answer...but, well it's fine
Issei: Really?
Producer: Yep it is. It seems you've become more mellow compared to before.
Don't get too serious 2 (5)
Issei: Don't speak in that disgusting way!
Producer: Oops....I couldn't resist. Ah, right.
Issei: What is it this time
Producer: You hate boredom right?
Issei: Again, why are you asking?
Producer: I'll give a very exiting talk to the bored you!
Issei: Huh?
Producer: Please come with me!
Issei: Hey! Where are you dragging me?!

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