Producer: Issei-kun....
Dream and jealousy and vowed kiss 2 (1)
Issei: Listen. My musical partner is Kaito. I don't want to create some strange habit by practicing with someone else.
Issei: That's why I asked you, a woman, to help me with practice.
Issei: You can't simulate a fight? That's fine. I'm perfectly ok with quarreling only with Kaito.
Producer: .... I see.
Producer: (I didn't notice the reason why Issei-kun asked me to help him and was about to do something unnecessary...)
Producer: ... I'm sorry, Issei-kun. You proposed that because you thought I was fine... I was thoughtless.
Issei: .... As long as you understand.
Tsubaki: Pff, hahahaha!
Dream and jealousy and vowed kiss 2 (2)
Issei: ... Why are you laughing?
Tsubaki: You're so... You told her to shut up even though she asked me to be your practice partner for your sake.
Tsubaki: That's exactly a brat's tantrum.
Issei: Wha...!
Tsubaki: Kuku, well, it's not like I don't understand why you're saying that.
Tsubaki: Producer, you can take care of my business after Issei's practice is done. I don't mind.
Tsubaki: So watch his practice without interruption.
Producer: Okay. I'll definitely contact you later.
Tsubaki: Yeah, I'm counting on you.
Tsubaki: See you, Issei. Sorry for disturbing.
Dream and jealousy and vowed kiss 2 (3)
Issei: What's up with his attitude, looking down on everyone from above even though he's younger than me...!
Producer: D- don't sweat it. He might be younger but he's still your senior.
Issei: I'm so irritated... It's all your fault!
Producer: My fault?! S- Sorry...
Issei: Hmph...!
Producer: ... E- ehm, are we continuing the practice?
Issei: That's enough for today. I can't concentrate anymore.
Producer: ... It's my fault, right? I'm really sorry.
Issei: .... Aah.... Don't apologize so much. You don't have to make that face.
Dream and jealousy and vowed kiss 2 (4)
Issei: Right now... That was an outburst of anger. You were going to prioritize Tsubaki over me.
Producer: I wasn't planning to do that... I wasn't prioritizing anyone.
Issei: Don't do that.
Issei: You have to prioritize only me.
Issei: If you don't... I'll be troubled.
Producer: .... Why troubled?
Issei: Just shut up and say yes!

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