Producer: I told you. I don't think that you look like an old man!
Dressing well Part 2 (1)
Tsubaki: Haa... There certainly are people in this campus that are 10 years or younger. However--
Dressing well Part 2 (2)
Tsubaki: I still can't lose to the young guys. Rather, I'm a young one too.
Producer: (It's because you say such things that you look older than what you actually are.)
Dressing well Part 2 (3)
Tsubaki: ...Why are you laughing?
Producer: Because you got worked up over this, and it's funny...
Dressing well Part 2 (4)
Tsubaki: I'm not really getting worked up over this!
Producer: (*chuckles* You're getting worked up over this a lot. I actually wonder if this age stuff bothers him.)
Tsubaki: But more importantly, when it comes to age you're definitely older than me.
Producer: Eh? Did I tell you my age before?
Dressing well Part 2 (5)
Tsubaki: I haven't asked you directly, but you're the same age as Issei and the others right?
Producer: Yes, that's right. So don't worry Rindo-kun. If you get compared to Todoroki-kun and the others you definitely... Match, them.
Dressing well Part 2 (6)
Tsubaki: Hey, what's up with that strange pause.
Producer: No, it's just that I thought that Todoroki-kun and the others don't give the same vibe as you.
Producer: And when they're at school they wear the school uniform so...
Dressing well Part 2 (7)
Tsubaki: Ah? So you're saying that it doesn't suit me like it does with Issei and the others, even though they're older?
Producer: As I said, it's not like that! There are other adults wearing a school uniform here so you definitely won't look out of place!
Tsubaki: ...There isn't anyone that looks as out of place as me.
Producer: You--
Producer: (May be right)
Dressing well Part 2 (8)
Tsubaki: *chuckles* You have some nerves to say it in front of the person itself.
Producer: Eh... Ah, it's wrong. I was just thinking about how the others dress.
Tsubaki: So, did you find anyone that doesn't look good in a school uniform like me?
Producer: That is... Ahaha.
Tsubaki: I don't hate honest people, but I won't forgive you this time.
Producer: (Ah, is he really angry...?)
Dressing well Part 2 (9)
Tsubaki: Hey... Producer.
Producer: Wai-! Calm down Rindo-kun! You're too close!
Dressing well Part 2 (10)
Tsubaki: If you say that then I'll need to prove to you that I'm young you know? What do I do?
Producer: ~~?!
Producer: I've repeatedly agreed that you're young so there's no need to!
Tsubaki: Don't hold back. Understanding the appeal of the idols you're in charge of is necessary for a producer, right?
Tsubaki: So? Should we go together somewhere now? Should I show you around some recommended place so that you'll get to know me better?
Producer: Ah! Look, it's time! I have to hurry up and get the costumes! See you later!
Dressing well Part 2 (11)
Tsubaki: *chuckles* ...That producer, she's really easy to tease.
Tsubaki: I'm happy she's my type of woman...

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