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Producer: Haa... Somehow, I'm nervous.
Producer: (I didn't meet Rindo-kun even once ever since I made him angry.)
Producer: (But I was the one that avoided him, though. And when I had to contact him I used mails or phone calls whenever possible...)
Producer: (What do I do if he's still angry...)
Dressing well Part 3 (1)
Tsubaki: What are you murmuring?
Producer: Ri-Rindo-kun.
Dressing well Part 3 (2)
Tsubaki: It's been a while, Producer.
Producer: ..........
Dressing well Part 3 (3)
Tsubaki: Oi, why are you being silent?
Producer: (His clothes are too beautiful, I can't talk...)
Tsubaki: Don't ignore me.
Producer: Ah! I'm sorry! You look so cool... I was thinking about what to say.
Tsubaki: You're not thinking again that I look like a stinking old man are you?
Producer: I'm not thinking that!
Producer: I'm not thinking that, but...
Dressing well Part 3 (4)
Tsubaki: What?
Producer: I finally realized it. The reason why you didn't feel comfortable with the uniform.
Tsubaki: Because it didn't suit me. Enough of that now...
Producer: No, it's wrong. It's not that the uniform doesn't suit you, it's that japanese clothes suit you too much.
Tsubaki: Huh?
Producer: It's the truth. That's why it wasn't fitting. The Rindo-kun that I know is always wearing japanese clothes...
Dressing well Part 3 (5)
Tsubaki: ...You-you're quite something for praising the costume you arranged yourself.
Producer: But the fact that it suits you is true isn't it?
Tsubaki: Damn... You're really a honest person.
Producer: ...But you don't hate honest people right?
Tsubaki: Yeah. That honesty of yours is very welcomed. Even better, you could always compliment me like this you know?
Producer: ...You would get carried away so I won't do it.
Dressing well Part 3 (6)
Tsubaki: Fu, honest person.
Producer: Wait, don't make my hair messy~! I'm older than you after all!
Tsubaki: Hah! Then act more like one!

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