Early summer Kuma festival ~One year anniversary plans~
  • Event Period: 1st June 2016 16:00 JST - 28th June 2016 13:00 JST

This event is a event to celebrate the one year anniversary of I-Chu!
Because of this, the limited time item Kumakocho's Special Bento was released.
It'll be available from June 1st until June 28th to purchase ingame.
As a special, if the amount of purchases meets a specific number, there will be more rewards!

How to purchaseEdit

Kuma festival
  • Click on the shop icon
Kuma festival 1
  • Click on the pink banner
Kuma festival 2
  • The first item is Kumakocho's Special Bento. Click on the pink button if you want to purchase it. Clicking on the violet button opens a pop up with information about the Bento.
  • Purchasing it gives you 1 Aichuu Disc, 2 Candies and 1 EXP Bear.


No. of downloads Reward
1,000 There will be a brand new illustration and short story with Kumakocho.
3,000 Kumakocho will get voiced lines
7,000 New merchandise for Kumakocho will be produced
10,000 A full Kumakocho costume will be made!

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