Easygoing thief 1 (1)
Futami: I'll have the role of a thief...?
Producer: Yes, and your partner will be Momosuke-san
Futami: A set of the London streets, photos of us in casual and thief clothes, filming and shooting of a drama...
Futami: There sure are a lot of things....Well, I guess being a thief is easier than being a police. I'm not good at acting strictly
Futami: But both are jobs I'd never do~
Producer: It would be troubling if you don't accept it completely, you know?
Futami: I know, I know~ I can't let Momo-chan arrest me after all
Futami: I have to think of a plan about how to act like an adult there by using the minimum amount of stamina possible~
Producer: You say that, but you will surely start to think of how to have fun
Producer: And here I proposed the staff to make you do a photoshoot in casual clothes together with Nama-chan too
Futami: ?!
Producer: So I really should go and say no---
Easygoing thief 1 (2)
Futami: What am I hearing? Together with Nama-chan?! Is it fine?
Producer: Yes. Since the photoshoot will be together with Momosuke-san, I thought that it would be nice for you to have Nama-chan too in order to match the plush toys
Producer: I also thought of preparing a special costume for Nama-chan too. I don't mind thinking about it, if you work hard
Futami: [Name]-chan, you know
Producer: .....Hm?
Futami: You sure know well how to handle me now. Should I call it a happy miscalculation?
Futami: But alright. I'll properly do this job, as much as I can.
Producer: As much as you can?
Futami: If I became serious I wouldn't be myself anymore, right?
Futami: The fans might want to see such side of me too but... uhmmmm, it's tiring after all~
Producer: You're the same as always. Well, as long as you do the job
Producer: I'm counting on you to appear on the planned day
Futami: Okay okay~ Leave it to me~
Producer: Now. I think I explained everything. Do you have any questions?
Futami: I have no questions~ Ehehe, I'm looking forward to a photoshoot with Nama-chan~
Producer: But that's not the main thing, got it?
Futami: I know, I know! Count on me, Producer!
Producer: If you say so then I'll be looking forward to the appointed day. I'll take my leave now
Futami: Okaaay
Easygoing thief 1 (3)
Futami: ...A photoshoot with Nama-chan~ I am happy about it, but
Futami: That side of me is actually special, I don't want to show it too much to my fans
Futami: But well, I'll be having fun and the producer will be happy, so it will be fine, maybe?

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