Enju Hayama
葉山炎樹, Hayama Enjuu
Enju Hayama
The mischievous iKids!
"I'm Enju Hayama! I'll become a strong guy called 'samurai' just like Seiya-niichan!"
Age 5
Birthday September 13th
Blood Type O
Height 108 cm
Weight 17 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Disassembly
Fave Food Ketchup rice
LeastFave Food Carrots
Looks up to Seiya Aido
Group baby hop


Mischievous leader of the brats. He’s always getting involved with other kids and does what he wants. He usually wears shorts.


Enju Hayama N (Kiss me HERO!) Enju Hayama N (Seiya no hoshi ni negai wo) Enju Hayama N

Character LinesEdit

I'm Enju Hayama! Let's play a whole lot together!
I've never caught a cold! Amazing, aren't I~?
Seiya-niichan said that he's a 'samurai'!
Noeru is smarter than me!
I was playing tag with Jimpachi!
Story Choose a story that you like!
Main Story Seems like the big bros are doing their best!
Where should we start from~?
Love Story Love Story? There are the big bros here!
Choose what you like!
Shop Are you buying something?
Disk Purchase Choose whatever you like!
Friends It said 'friends'! I also have lots of friends!
Other It said it can do lots of things!

Affection StoryEdit

Leader of the children

Enju Hayama - Leader of the children (1)
Enju: Oh, who are you? What are you doing here?
Enju: My name? I'm Enju Hayama. To not even know that, who are you?
Enju: Ah, I get it! You got interested in this place, because there are lot of cute children here.
Enju: You're a bad adult, I have to defend myself!
Enju: Don't laugh! You think I'm stupid just because I'm a child!
Enju: My defense is the most painful in the world! After all, it even made Noeru cry earlier!
Enju: Hm? If I apologized properly? Isn't that obvious? I'll get sad too if Noeru keeps crying, you know.
Enju: What are you rubbing my head for! In this case, I'll bring Noeru and the others along for an offensive attack!
Enju: I will never ever run away! Soon everyone will come back!!

The boy that will become a hero!

Enju Hayama - The boy that will become a hero (1)
Enju: Uwaah, it's huge! Seiya-nii-chan is holding a Live at such a huge place?
Enju: Cool, cool!! As expected of Seiya-nii-chan!
Enju: Someday, I'll absolutely, definitely become a hero like Seiya-nii-chan!
Enju: Hehe, but today is the first time I can become a super cool idol like Seiya-nii-chan, you know?
Enju: I'll show to you how I become an amazingly cool idol, too!
Enju Hayama - The boy that will become a hero (2)
Enju: Ta-dah! The same costume as Seiya-nii-chan! It's really cool!
Enju: Today I'm Seiya-nii-chan's backdancer! I'm not nervous at all!
Enju: No matter what, I'm a man who will become a hero someday!

Strong man

Enju Hayama - Strong man (1)
Enju: Seiya-nii-chan's pet dog, do you know it? He's called Gonzaburou!
Enju: This time, Seiya-nii-chan promised me to let me play with Gonzaburou and this ball!
Enju: I'll let you play with him too, you just need to say anything! And when you play outside the whole day, you're getting warm!
Enju: Huh? Before that is a Live? That's right! Let's hurry!
Enju Hayama - Strong man (2)
Enju: Today I'm dancing in this costume! It's cool, right!
Enju: Eh? It seems cold because it's Winter? I will never ever get cold.
Enju: After all I'll be dancing and moving a lot!
Enju: Besides, I'm a very strong man! I want to become like Seiya-nii-chan.
Enju: That's why... hatchoo! I- It'll be totally fine!

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own It’s my birthday! Let’s play a lot~
Jimpachi Jimpachi~ Happy birthday!
Seiya Seiya-nii-chan! Happy birthday!
Producer It’s your birthday! How old did you get?


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