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Profile Story
(Profile Story) Eva Armstrong

Who is it! Who is the one plotting unsettling things behind my back...
You... I remember seeing. If I remember correctly, you're an instructor at this school...
You came just to greet me? Fufu, you look like a promising woman.
Come, I'll allow you to introduce yourself.
What is it, you're aspiring to be our producer?
I've taken interest in you more. Good, from here on out I'll call you Messiah.
You're going to help spread knowledge of our existence around the world right?
If you're going to make me- the Bloody Master, God then-
Isn't Messiah a fitting name for an apostle of God?
You're so overjoyed you can't speak? Then giving you a name was worthwhile.
Ha ha ha... cough, cough!
I wasn't choking! I breathed in too much pure air and now I'm just coughing it back up!
Fu, as expected of you. Your pureful existence is no mistake...

Initial R/RR One who was led into the darkness
Second Batch R/RR Insane puppeteer
Initial SR/UR Person that lives in darkness
Valentine's SR/UR Melty dark chocolate
Animal Teahouse SR/UR Does Sammy have his jealous period too?
Taisho Roman SR/UR Blessing Tale
Cultural Festival SR/UR Light of friendship
Second Batch SR/UR How to connect the hearts
Cyber SR/UR Labyrinth and eternal love
Initial LE/GR The Best Moment
Shikkoku no Prelude LE/GR Jet-black prelude
Halloween LE/GR Banquet of darkness
Ayatsurareshi Kyouki no Ningyou LE/GR Manipulated doll of madness
1st Anniversary LE/GR The finest reward
Creation GR Creation 04
New Year 2017 LE/GR Praying arrow
Snowy Day LE/GR Snow Art
TOYBOX LE/GR Bewildered oldest person

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