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You ignorant… What do you want to become in the next life? There's no way I would ever die!
Seiya I want to become a Japanese samurai!
Kanata Rabirabi!
Akira Maybe a black panther. Eva-kun is... It's better not to ask, huh.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki As long as I can be with Mutsuki, anything's fine!
Mutsuki As long as I can be with Satsuki, anything's fine.
Noah Well, I do not have any regrets with the way I'm living now.
Leon I want to become a dog. That way maybe I will get pats from the girls, right?
Chaoyang I want to become a cat….!
Rabi I haven't really thought about it. Producer, what do you think suits me?
Lucas A wolf. I want to live quietly in the mountains.
Torahiko Of course it'll be a tiger!
Kyosuke I want to try becoming a girl. I want to do things like cosplaying and stuff!
Akio I want to become a shellfish...
Shiki A wolf, maybe... I'll prey on Producer~
Hikaru I'd like to be reborn while staying beautiful as I am now!
Raku Anything is fine.
Kokoro Kokoro wants to be born again as Kokoro.
Runa If I were to be reborn, I want to become a bird who can freely flap its wings.
Momosuke A little bird! I want to try flying in the sky!
Issei I don't know what'll happen that far ahead.
Futami I want to become a friend of Nama-chan.
Takamichi A great human.
Mio I want to stay by Master's side even in the next life!
Ban Be in a group again with Master and Mio!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I could care less about what'll happen later. Just do what you wish.
Toya I want to become friends with Tsubaki again.
Tatsumi I think a life as a wild animal that bustles around wide fields might be interesting!
Aoi I think I'd like to become myself once more.
Kuro I have no interest in a future that I can't see!
Saku If I get to meet Producer-chan again then anything is fine!
Baber Would be nice to keep being big brother's little brother.

Tell me how much you sleep! I don't need such a thing as sleeping!
Seiya Around 8 hours, I guess.
Kanata Around 8 hours!
Akira About 6 hours.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I don't remember things like that.
Mutsuki Who knows? I don't remember it.
Noah Maybe around 8 hours.
Leon … About 10 hours?
Chaoyang Around 5 hours… I don't sleep a lot, right?
Rabi Maybe 8 hours.
Lucas 8 hours.
Torahiko 8 hours! If I don't sleep properly, it'll be difficult when I have to give it my all.
Kyosuke 3, 4 hours?..... Ehehe.....
Akio 4, 5 hours, maybe... About the right amount...
Shiki 8 hours~
Hikaru I'm sleeping for 8 full hours, because lack of sleep won't do good for my skin.
Raku About 6 hours, maybe?
Kokoro 8 hours!
Runa I sleep for about 6 hours.
Momosuke 8 hours! Getting all snuggly in the futon is a bliss~ ♪
Issei I take about 3 to 5 hours a day to sleep. That's why I feel sleepy in the morning...
Futami 3~8 hours. My sleeping hours are pretty random~
Takamichi 4~6 hours. I ended up staying up late if I read something before sleeping...
Mio 8 hours! I hate staying up late~
Ban I absolutely need 6 hours of sleep!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki 6 hours. About the right amount, right?
Toya 6 hours.
Tatsumi 6 hours! I'm taking sleep properly!
Aoi 8 hours. Sleep deprivation is the skin's worst enemy, you see.
Kuro 6 hours.
Saku 3~6 hours. I often end up lacking of sleep because I watch DVD's of lives..
Baber Around 8 hours I think? I sleep a lot, you know?

Tell me your life's most important treasure! I will steal it… HA HA HA!
Seiya That'll be Pro... Everyone in the group!
Kanata Of course it's Rabirabi!
Akira Nothing comes into my mind right now.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Mutsuki! I won't give him to anyone!
Mutsuki Satsuki. Do you think I might say something else?
Noah The toy coin that I got from Seiya, maybe.
Leon It's this guitar!
Chaoyang This talisman I got from my family in China.
Rabi The drum sticks that I always use.
Lucas This plectrum I got from Torahiko. It has good sense.
Torahiko Brush! The brush that I've used for a long time is the easiest to use!
Kyosuke ArS' members! I feel embarrassed after saying it!
Akio The glass bead my father gave me... It's far prettier than the ones I make...
Shiki A teacup, maybe? It's something that I bought from a trip because I liked it.
Hikaru My beautiful self, I guess!
Raku The first ink stone Hikaru gave me, I suppose. Even now, I've been using it carefully.
Kokoro The ribbon I received from my mother! I'll wear it next time!
Runa The cooking apron that I received from Mother. I take great care when using it.
Momosuke Momo's garden! A lo~t of flowers are blooming in there ♪
Issei A certain someone's second button[1]. It got forced on me so I had no choice but to keep it!
Futami Nama-chan's autograph paper.
Takamichi A key that my sister gave me. Though I don't know what key it is.
Mio The animal skull I found at the park. I don't know which animal it is though.
Ban The memories with Master and Mio!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki The portrait of me that my sister gave me.
Toya An ornate hairpin that Tsubaki gave me a long time ago.
Tatsumi The misanga I made a long time ago. It's messy, but I have an emotional attachment to it...
Aoi The recipe collection I've been making for a long time. Mutsuki and I have mutual teaching sessions after all~
Kuro Something I got from... No, nothing....
Saku A photo of Producer-chan that I took during highschool!
Baber Something I got from big brother...


  1. "The second button from the top of a male's uniform is often given away to a female he is in love with, and is considered a way of confession. The second button is the one closest to the heart and is said to contain the emotions from all three years attendance at the school." (Wikipedia)

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