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Special Phone Call Questions that are unlocked only between a pair of characters. Here you will find the individual questions Eva does to each character.


Seiya Aido
Eva Star Night, your light is the one that will save everyone.... You must never let it become dark. Play
Seiya What you say is difficult to understand but... Got it! Leave it to me! Play
Akira Mitsurugi
Eva You are good at lurking in the darkness, Dark Sword. You are like Sammy! Play
Akira Are you talking about my black skin... Well, I like dark colors though. Play
Kanata Minato
Eva "I'm Rabirabi! Kanata-kun, thank you for everything! I love you so much!" Play
Kanata Waa! Rabirabi is talking! I love you sooo much too! Play

Twinkle BellEdit

Satsuki Kururugi
Eva Eins, you can become my servant if you want, you know? Play
Satsuki Servant, huh. I'm not interested in it but if Mutsuki is with me then I don't mind~ ♪ Play
Mutsuki Kururugi
Eva Zwei, what are you doing in my castle? Play
Mutsuki Your room is dark so it's easy to sleep here... Zzzz.... Play


Eva I sense an incomparable dark aura coming from you, Noah... Are you also from the lineage of a demon king? Play
Noah Fufu, maybe~. Perhaps I'm even greater than a demon king. Play
Eva I heard that England has frequent ghost apparitions. Have you ever encountered one? Play
Leon Ah! Once, a girl I was hitting on, said there was a ghost! Play
Eva The melody you play with your instrument gives off a really good mood. Make me hear it more. Play
Chaoyang Thank you very much... To be praised by Eva-san makes me really happy... Play
Eva This mighty strength you hold, won't you use it for my ambitions? Play
Rabi Hahaha, this strength is sealed up. Sorry? Play
Eva I thought you were suffering from Samsara,[1] but now you got good comrades around you.  Play
Lucas Ah, the present me has good company. I won't lose my way anymore. Play


Torahiko Kusakabe
Eva Cerberus! You're the bastard[2] who stained my clothes with fresh blood, aren't you?! Play
Torahiko But black clothes are so plain and boring! Plus, since it's paint, if you wash it, it'll come off! Play
Kyosuke Momoi
Eva Purified person! Illustrate my journey up to my world domination! Play
Kyosuke Sounds like it'll make a magnificent manga! It's lighting my fire as a mangaka~! Play
Akio Tobikura
Eva The glass beads you make are the reflection of your heart. That brilliance is capable of doing great things. Play
Akio My heart doesn't shine that brightly and prettily... But, I'm happy, thank you. Play
Shiki Amabe
Eva Demon of Laplace! Stop looking at me with a grin on your face! Play
Shiki Well~ I was just thinking that you were interesting. I like this character making. Play
Hikaru Orihara
Eva I order you to make a sculpture of the dawn of my conquest of the human world. Play
Hikaru Leave it to me! I'll make a beautiful sculpture! Play
Raku Wakaouji
Eva White Beard, do you hold the same power of immortality as me? Play
Raku I have lived for a thousand years. That makes me older than you, doesn't it? Play


Kokoro Hanabusa
Eva Mio may be like that, but he acknowledges you, Siren. Play
Kokoro I know that. Really, when it comes to Mio you act like a real adult. Play
Runa Kagurazaka
Eva You have a beauty that makes you look as if you're the princess Kaguya who came out of the old story. Play
Runa Thank you very much. It's almost time for me to go back to the moon... [3] Play
Momosuke Oikawa
Eva Do you, too, have a familiar spirit you made a contract with... Play
Momosuke Are you talking about Ricky? Your Sammy is cute too! Play


Issei Todoroki
Eva Berserker, don't stay by my side! Absolutely never! Play
Issei Because that way your shortness will stand out even more? Then, as you wish, I will stand side-by-side. Play
Futami Akabane
Eva Priest, is Heart your familiar spirit... Play
Futami H-Heart... Are you talking about Nama-chan? Nama-chan is my friend~! Play
Takamichi Sanzenin
Eva You use honorifics for Tenjyou Tenge, so why don't you use them for me too? Play
Takamichi You're older, but you're also the same generation as me. Are you asking me to call you Eva-san? Play


Mio Yamanobe
Eva Mio, how about you start being kinder to Ban? Play
Mio If you say so.. Tsk, that stupid Ban is using Eva-sama as shield! Play
Ban Jumonji
Eva Mio may be like that, but he acknowledges you, Ban. Play
Ban I know that! I love Mio! Of course, I love Master too! Play

Tenjyou TengeEdit

Tsubaki Rindo
Eva Your hotpot is delicious, Gaia. Mio's hotpot is... Ehm, the color.... Play
Tsubaki Can you please not compare my hotpot to that thing...? Play
Toya Honoki
Eva Holy Angel, the thing. Play
Toya The Norimaki ♪ I prepared some delicious one today too. Play
Tatsumi Madarao
Eva Stop Gaia! Holy Angel is not enough to block him! Play
Tatsumi Your reactions towards him make it easy for him to meddle with you... Play
Aoi Kakitsubata
Eva For us to meet here, this must be destiny, Sapphire Griffon. Play
Aoi ...Can you please stop calling me by that name? It's long and it feels like I'm matching with Tatsumi's so I don't like it. Play


Kuro Yakaku
Eva Black as me, huh! Well, do you have the blood of a demon!? Play
Kuro Huh? What are you saying..? Play
Saku Uruha
Eva Y-You! What the hell is wrong with your dreadful aura!? Play
Saku Oh no~ Don't be so alarmed, Eva-kun.. Play
Eva Don't line up next to me! The height difference will be noticeable! Play
Baber You're small~ Cute... Should I take you up up~ ? Play


  1. Samsara is the japanese term for 'Endless cycle of Death and Rebirth', in this context Eva refers to Lucas' pain from the loss of his mother and loneliness.
  2. Eva's use of 'Kisama' is usually a really polite form of saying 'You'. However given the context of this sentence, the demeaning form of Kisama (That means bastard) sounded more appropriate. Also, the fresh blood he's referring to is red paint.
  3. A reference to this

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