(Even I) Li Chaoyang LE affection story 1
Rabi: Ah, Sensei. Have you seen Chaoyang?
Producer: Chaoyang-kun? I haven’t seen him recently… Did something happen?
Even I 1 (2)
Rabi: Well… It’s just that he hasn’t come to the studio, even though it’s time for us to practice, and he won’t pick up his cell…
Rabi: Our show’s pretty close and we’d like to practice, but… I wonder where he went off to.
Producer: …I understand. If that’s what’s going on, I’ll go look for Chaoyang-kun. So you and everyone else should head back and start practicing, Rabi-kun.
Rabi: I’m sorry, Sensei. Well then, I’m counting on you.
Producer: Sigh… Well, now that I’ve said that, where could Chaoyang-kun have gone?
Producer: He isn’t here, either… I could check the classrooms over there after this, but he doesn’t use them very often… Ah.
(Even I) Li Chaoyang LE affection story 3
Chaoyang: [Play] …!? S-Somebody saw me…
Producer: Sigh–. I finally found you.
Chaoyang: You were… looking for me…?
Producer: I was. Everyone’s been worried about you.
(Even I) Li Chaoyang LE affection story 4
Chaoyang: …I’m…sorry.
Producer: It’s fine; let’s just hurry up and get to the rehearsal room. Everyone’s waiting, you know.
Chaoyang: ... ..
Producer: Chaoyang-kun?
Chaoyang: That would be… kind of…
Producer: You don’t want to go practice? Why not?
Chaoyang: …Um, that’s…
Producer: (He looks like he doesn’t want to tell me.)
Producer: Sigh...
Chaoyang: (I made her mad…)
Producer: Chaoyang-kun, if you don’t want to go to practice, then come with me for a bit.
(Even I) Li Chaoyang LE affection story 5
Chaoyang: Eh…?
Producer: It’s okay. I’ll fill the others in on it beforehand. Everyone needs to take a little break now and then, right?
(Even I) Li Chaoyang LE affection story 6
Chaoyang: Umm, that’s kind of…
Producer: It’s fine, so let’s get going. C'mere, this way.
Chaoyang: U- uwah…!


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