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Producer: Aah, the weather is good! But the wind is a little strong.
Even I 2 (3)
Chaoyang: Se-sensei-san? What were you doing here...
Producer: Waaah!!!
Even I 2 (1)
Chaoyang: Wahwah!
Producer: Again! Waaah!!
Chaoyang: What, what on!?
Producer: Sometimes I go on the rooftop to shout.
Producer: I think there are a lot of words you just can't say. But in order to move on you have to let them out.
Producer: Words that make us feel uneasy, that make us angry, feel like they're getting carried away by the wind. You should try it too, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: I would try and do it as you've told me... But, there isn't anything...
Producer: It's fine! Come on, Chaoyang-kun, hurry up!
Even I 2 (2)
Chaoyang: I, I'm... I'm-!!
Producer: Yes, that's the way!
Chaoyang: I'm, I mean, I'm looking really forward to the Live!
Chaoyang: I practice a lot, I give my best so I won't trouble anyone, I give my best...!
Even I 2 (4)
Chaoyang: I love music! I love our band! I love playing with the others more than anything!!
Chaoyang: However! ... However, that's not enough.
Chaoyang: I, I'm... scared... Because I don't have confidence like the others...
Producer: Well said.
Even I 2 (5)
Chaoyang: Sensei-san...?
Producer: Putting your own weakness into words can be very scary. But at the same time I think you can face your weakness that way.
Producer: You could also tell your band what you just mentioned as well? They will surely become your strength. Give you confidence.
Producer: After all, without your sound, I♥B wouldn't exist. Isn't that right?
Chaoyang: I guess, maybe...
Producer: It's like that. If even one person would be missing, it'd be no good. You understand that, right?
Chaoyang: Yes... I will go to practice now.
Producer: Yes. If you want to do it, you should do it, Chaoyang-kun.
Even I 2 (6)
Chaoyang: ... Can you go together with me?
Producer: Of course.
Li Chaoyang GR Affection Story 1
Producer: (Chaoyang-kun looks really happy. Ah, our eyes met.)
Producer: (What a smile. Today's his best expression, isn't it. The cheering got amazing... ...... Making such a face is cheating.)

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