Producer: Welcome back, Chaoyang-kun. Did you have fun at the Live?
Even I 3 (2)
Chaoyang: Yes... I had a lot of fun. When I saw your face during the show, I was really relieved, Producer-san.
Chaoyang: When talking to you I felt no longer nervous, Producer-san! Thank you very much!
Producer: That's very nice to hear. ... Chaoyang-kun? What's wrong??
Chaoyang: Ah, that's strange... I wonder if I am too relieved now. These aren't tears of sadness that are coming out...
Producer: You really gave your best, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: The truth is, at the beginning I was really scared.
Chaoyang: But when I saw you, Producer-san, I understood.
Even I 3 (1)
Chaoyang: I feel like I heard that everything will be fine. That's why I pulled through until the end. And I had a lot of fun. I had such a Live for the first time.
Producer: It was a very amazing Live. I was so moved even I had tears in my eyes.
Even I 3 (3)
Chaoyang: Producer-san...
Producer: (He came close to let me pat his head. He's like a cat, how cute.)
Producer: (But just being cute isn't enough. Chaoyang-kun needs to get more confident and tough...)
Producer: But Chaoyang-kun, you have to aim a lot more higher.
Chaoyang: ...Yes.
Producer: There are lots and lots of more fun stages out there. I want to take you there.
Producer: I never want you to think again about how scary a stage can be, I want you to think of them as fun places. Do you want to come with me?
Even I 3 (4)
Chaoyang: If I'm together with you, I will follow no matter how far. I'll promise to never let go of this hand again.
Producer: You said that you will not let go, however, I'll also never let go of you. From now on, we're together forever.
Chaoyang: Please don't forget these words.
Producer: Definitely, Chaoyang-kun
Producer: Huh...?
Even I 3 (5)
Chaoyang: Ahaha, I was so relieved that I got hungry. I've worked so hard, that I've not eaten anything at all since morning.
Producer: Then it's good that you didn't collapse during the Live.
Chaoyang: After all I'm a professional.
Producer: Don't say that. Quickly change your clothes, so we can go eat a little before the after party begins.
Chaoyang: Just the two of us?
Producer: ... We'll keep it a secret from the others?
Chaoyang: Yes!

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