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Producer: It’ll be Christmas soon, won’t it? Even though there’s nothing particularly special about it, I’m getting excited walking through the city like this!
Producer: Don’t you think so too, Lucas-kun?
Exchanging presents 1 (1)
Lucas: …Sigh.
Producer: Lucas-kun? What’s the sigh about…?
Lucas: You just astound me.
Producer: Did I do something to shock you…?
Exchanging presents 1 (2)
Lucas: This is no time to be celebrating Christmas!
Producer: Wah!? What’s this, all of a sudden?
Lucas: That’s my line!
Lucas: God… Shouldn’t you be talking about how close our show is instead of how close Christmas is?
Lucas: And even so, there you go…This is not a situation to be excited about.
Lucas: We’ve got a veritable mountain of things to think about in order to create the conditions for a perfect show.
Producer: …Lucas-kun. I think I’ve said this to you before, but remember that shows are all for the sake of the fans who come to see you, okay?
Exchanging presents 1 (3)
Lucas: I understand that. Thus we need to give them a perfect show…
Producer: You don’t get it at all, Lucas-kun…
Exchanging presents 1 (4)
Lucas: I don’t?
Producer: This show is a Christmas present to all of your fans, right? What they want isn’t something flawless.
Lucas: So then, what are you saying that they want?
Producer: You know, I think that a live show is something where everyone shares their happiness.
Producer: So, if either you or the audience can’t have fun or make the other enjoy themselves, then you can’t have a good show.
Lucas: "Have… fun…"
Producer: Like, say, even you must have exchanged Christmas presents with someone before, right?
Producer: Try to remember how you felt then. You really wanted to make sure that the other person was really full of happiness, no?
Producer: So, use those feelings to—
Lucas: I don’t have any particularly special memories of exchanging Christmas presents.
Producer: …Then you can make a special memory with me.
Lucas: …What are you saying?
Producer: Lucas-kun. Let’s exchange gifts. Then you’ll surely understand the feelings behind what I said!
Producer: Oookay, it’s decided! I wonder what I could get that would make Lucas-kun happy~♪
Producer: Well then, let’s give them to each other tomorrow–!
[runs away]
Exchanging presents 1 (5)
Lucas: Hey! I never said that I’d do this!
Lucas: Tch, she’s fast! What a selfish woman…


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