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Exchanging presents 2 (1)
Lucas: Sigh…
Lucas: (I prepared something of a Christmas present, just like she told me to, but… Am I really going to give this to her…?
Lucas: This is the first time that I’ve tried so hard to find a gift that reminded me of someone.
Exchanging presents 2 (2)
Lucas: …It feels kind of like the frame of mind I get into right before a show.
Lucas: Though I wonder if anything else has really been able to make me feel so warm inside before…
Exchanging presents 2 (3)
Lucas: I’m not going to find out just by thinking to myself. I’m sure that I’ll start to understand something once I give this to her.
Lucas: …I hope she likes it.)
Lucas: Hey.
Producer: Ah, Lucas-kun. Good timing. I was just thinking of going to find you.
Lucas: Take it.
Producer: Take what?
Exchanging presents 2 (4)
Lucas: …You were the one who brought this up, right? It’s your Christmas present.
Producer: …You really got something for me?
Lucas: I wanted to see what your face would look like when I gave this to you. I figured that once I saw that, I’d know what kind of emotion I should convey during the sh–
Producer: Lucas-kun!
Exchanging presents 2 (5)
Lucas: U- uwah!?
Lucas: Wh-What do you think you’re doing!? Come on! Let go!
Producer: No way. I’m not letting you go. The way you think is always so awkwardly formal…!
Lucas: I’m not particularly stiff or anything!
Producer: Yes, you are! You are stiff! Your brow is furrowed nearly all the time. …There!
Lucas: Tch… Ow! Don’t poke my forehead!
Producer: Then don’t make such a scary face!
Lucas: ~~Tch!
Exchanging presents 2 (6)
Lucas: Sigh–. I’ve never met a woman as unpredictable as you. Do you enjoy making fun of me?
Producer: I wasn’t trying to make fun of you, though…
Lucas: Of course you were. If you weren’t, then there’s no way my heart would be beating this loudly!
Lucas: Anyway, just take your present! Later!
Producer: Ah, Lucas-kun!
Producer: …He’s gone. I wonder if he was embarrassed?


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