Producer: Ah… How pretty…
Producer: (I can’t remember the last time I shook up a snowglobe like this. Lucas-kun is unexpectedly romantic.)
Exchanging presents 3 (2)
Lucas: …Hey.
Producer: What is it?
Lucas: How much longer do you plan on doing that…? It’s almost time for us to perform, so don’t just keeping grinning to yourself over there.
Producer: Ahaha, was I really smiling that much?
Lucas: Yeah. You have ever since I got here. …Or rather, you’ve been staring at that thing for far too long.
Producer: But it just makes me so happy to think that you gave this to me. I could look at it forever.
Exchanging presents 3 (3)
Lucas: …Doesn’t it embarrass you to say that?
Producer: Not at all. Why would I?
Producer: Besides, when you see me looking this happy, you should be able to understand how your fans feel, right?
Producer: Right now, they’re waiting for their Christmas present– all of you– to appear, with practically childlike happiness on their faces.
Exchanging presents 3 (4)
Lucas: I hope that I can understand that.
Lucas: After all, I have this here with me.
Producer: And that’s… the present I gave you. You haven’t opened it yet?
Producer: (I suppose he really wasn’t interested in exchanging gifts after all…)
Exchanging presents 3 (5)
Lucas: My fans are feeling as though they’re about to receive a Christmas present, no?
Lucas: So I can’t let myself get my present before we all share that feeling.
Lucas: I plan to open this after the show ends well. Until then, I’ll hold onto this feeling while I’m onstage.
Exchanging presents 3 (6)
Lucas: After all, according to you, it’s apparently absolutely necessary to have fun together with the audience in order to have a good show.
Producer: Lucas-kun… That’s right. Well then, I’m sure today’s show will be even better than any you’ve done so far.
Lucas: Yeah. Without a doubt.
Producer: I wonder what this show will be like? I’m getting excited already.
Lucas: Don’t worry. I intend to give you a much better present than that snowglobe.
Lucas: I’d like it if you watched from the audience…
Producer: Sure. I’m looking forward to finding out what this other present is!
Producer: This is the first time I’ve been so excited on Christmas.
Exchanging presents 3 (1)
Lucas: …Me too.
Lucas: I want to see your face light up as soon as possible.


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