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*chiiir chir chir...*
Producer: The cicadas are really loud. The sun is really bright and it's hot outside today, I guess.
Excuse to escape 1 (1)
Rabi: What are you looking at, Producer.
Producer: Ah, Rabi-kun. No, I wasn't really looking at anything. I just thought "It really is summer".
Producer: Being in a room with effective air conditioning makes you forget your sense of seasons.
Rabi: Ah... I understand you very well.
Producer: Having said that, turning off the air conditioner really isn't an option.
Excuse to escape 1 (2)
Rabi: I wouldn't expect anyone to be able to stand this temperature.
Rabi: The sun is still out plenty at later times. I was surprised to be told it's still bright outside when I was heading home from practise.
Producer: Ahaha, that certainly is true. It's 7pm and it's still bright.
Rabi: Even though Japan has four distinct seasons like this, not having the time to enjoy them is such a waste sometimes.
Rabi: Russia has four seasons too, more or less, but winter is overwhelming much of it.
Producer: ... I see, so that's how it is. So Russia has a summer season too.
Rabi: Hm? What do you mean?
Producer: It was winter the whole time there in my imagination...
Excuse to escape 1 (3)
Rabi: Well, there are these kind of regions too. But there were a proper four seasons where I was living.
Rabi: However, they say that in Japan these summer-like temperatures will continue for at least another two months, but August feels like it's autumn to me.
Producer: Well, I guess it can't be helped that Japan's summers are hot?
Rabi: When I first came here I thought nothing but "In Japan it's so hot!"
Producer: But it wasn't this warm in here until recently. I was surprised that the outside temperature even exceeds a person's body temperature.
Excuse to escape 1 (4)
Rabi: When I was in Russia, a lot of people were sunbathing in swimsuits in the park when it was summer, but doing that here in Japan would be suicide.
Producer: It'll burn the skin and there's also the tendency that your skin won't get protected from ultra-violet-rays.
Rabi: ...... By the way, Producer.
Producer: Yes?
Rabi: When the pool opens next week, do you want to go together with me?
Producer: I don't have any plans for now, but... the pool sounds good. I want to go too.
Rabi: If that's the case...
Excuse to escape 1 (5)
Rabi: I want to see you in a swimsuit, Producer. Hey, won't you? ... Pretty please!
Producer: Yeah... I won't make any promises, but if I have time, maybe.
Rabi: Is that true? I'm really looking forward to go to the pool together with you, Producer. That's a promise!
Producer: I'm happy you're looking forward to it, but this puts a little pressure on me... Well, it's fine, I guess. It's a promise.

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