Mio: Producer-san! I’m back from changing my clothes.
Producer: Ah! Yamanobe-kun. Welcome back. I’ve yet to see Eva-kun and Jumonji-kun, though…
Mio: Geez! I’m worried that Eva-sama’s late, so I’m gonna go check on them!
Producer: But I thought he’d explicitly said that they come back as long as you waited, and that you wouldn’t have to go looking for them.
Fascinating Familiar 2 (1)
Mio: But I just hate that! I mean, I just can’t forgive the idea of Eva-sama and Ban being alone together~
Mio: I wonder how I should curse that Ban…
Producer: C-Calm down, Yamanobe-kun!
Producer: (If Eva-kun were here at a time like this…!)
Eva: Hm? What’s this, Messiah? So you came here as well?
Fascinating Familiar 2 (2)
Mio: Eva-sama!! Welcome baaa~ck!
Eva: Have you been working hard to tend to the shop by yourself?
Mio: Of course! I worked hard to sell a lot, and we made a lot of money!
Eva: You’ve done well. That’s what I’d expect from my servant.
Fascinating Familiar 2 (3)
Mio: Ehehe ♪
Producer: (He praised him the same way that I did before, but Yamanobe-kun’s face looks completely different than how it did then. Being praised by Eva-kun sure makes him happy, doesn’t it.)
Mio: Huh? What about Ban? If you came back, Eva-sama, then wouldn’t he…
Eva: Ban’s still at the park. He finished dealing out his share of the candy, but he’s running about performing confectionery recovery from those who participated.
Mio: Confectionery recovery?
Producer: In other words, a lot of people are giving him candy in return?
Eva: Well, I suppose that’s what I meant.
Mio: That Ban, getting so obsessed with the candy and leaving Eva-sama by himself… I won’t forgive him for this!
Eva: He does temporarily become quite strange when he eats something even the slightest bit appetizing.
Mio: And to think that he’d draw more attention to himself than to me… That I truly can’t forgive!
Producer: Ahaha, come now, Yamanobe-kun. Jumonji-kun’s just being himself.
Eva: If you’re that interested, then you may take Messiah along with you to the park.
Eva: In the meantime, I shall form a protective barrier around the shop and keep watch…
Fascinating Familiar 2 (4)
Mio: E-Eva-sama…! What kindness…!! But I’ll stay with you and tend the sho–
Eva: This is a rare opportunity. My Mio, go enjoy yourself.
Mio: Eva-sama… Okay, I understand! Well then, Producer-san, let’s go together!
Producer: Eh, but, is that really okay?
Producer: (But since he was just so fervently looking for Eva-kun, wouldn’t he really want to stay with him…?)
Mio: It’s fine! I want to thank you for staying with me while Eva-sama wasn’t there!
Mio: I’m sorry for not thanking you before, you know? I was really happy to have you with me today!
Producer: Yamanobe-kun… Thank you.
Mio: Ehehe ♪ Okay, now then—-
Fascinating Familiar 2 (5)
Mio: Let’s go steal a bunch of candy from Ban ♪
Producer: Ahaha, I’ll only do so much in that regard.
Eva: Hmm. Mio invited Messiah out on his own. What a rare occurrence…


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