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Producer: This path is the same as it always is, isn’t it? Today sure was a lot of fun. I’m glad that I met up with Yamanobe-kun…
Fascinating Familiar 3 (1)
Cell phone: ~♪ ~~♪
Producer: Ah, my phone. …Yamanobe-kun?
Mio: Ah, Producer-san! Where are you right now?
Producer: Where am I? I’m on my way home, but…
Mio: I’m sorry, but do you think you could come back? Please, as soon as you can!
Producer: Eh? Why… I got cut off.
[BING ♪]
Producer: Ah, a text… Should I go to this place?
Mio: Ah, found you, Producer-san!!
Producer: Yamanobe-kun!
Mio: I’m sorry. You came back for a bit even though you were already headed home…
Producer: It’s fine, but what on earth is going on?
Fascinating Familiar 3 (2)
Mio: Well, the truth is, I wanted to thank you for today, so I’m letting you– ever in a such a rush– in on our Halloween party~!
Mio: Here, this is a present from us!
Producer: Eh? You mean this…?
Mio: Hurry up, try it on!
Fascinating Familiar 3 (3)
Mio: Wah! Producer-san, you’re so cute! I just knew that a black cat costume would look great on you!
Producer: …You’re far cuter than I am.
Mio: Well, it’s obvious that I’d be cute ♪ Hey, hey, try giving a little “meow”!
Producer: Th-That’s a bit…
Mio: There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, though. Since you’re thiiiiis cute.
Producer: Even if you say there’s nothing embarrassing about wearing this, it’s no use…!
Fascinating Familiar 3 (4)
Mio: You sure are strange, Producer-san. Even though I complimented you and said you were cute, you’re more embarrassed than you are happy.
Producer: Strange…? I’d think that it’s pretty normal…
Mio: I’m telling you, it’s definitely weird! Ah, then how about this? I’ll give you a little “excuse”.
Producer: Excuse?
Mio: You can just think to yourself that I gave you an order to wear that. Then you won’t be so embarrassed, right?
Producer: A-An order...
Mio: Which means…
Fascinating Familiar 3 (5)
Mio: I’ve decided that you’re going to be my magical familiar for the day! Now then, hold my hand right this instant, and we’ll take a walk. Your master’s orders are absolute, you know! ♪
Producer: Wah, hold on, Yamanobe-kun!
Mio: Oh look, Eva-sama’s over there, too! Let’s hurry up and show him how cute you look!
Producer: (Well, come to think of it, I suppose they say that he who enjoys himself wins in the end. Today’s Halloween, and it’s only once a year. It might not be too bad to have a night like this every once in a while.)
Mio: Fufu ♪ Even though this was supposed to be to thank you, ultimately, I’m the one who’s really happy!
Mio: I wonder why… Maybe I’m so excited because I’m going to see Eva-sama… Really, Producer-san, thank you so much for today!


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