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Fateful encounter 1 (1)
Shiki: Hey there, you lovely lady. Do you have some spare time now, by any chance?
Producer: I don’t. I’m in a hurry, so…
Shiki: Ahaha, how cruel. Don’t say that.
Fateful encounter 1 (2)
Shiki: [Play] What do you say you and I try to spin the wheel of destiny–? I’m absolutely sure that I can get you to enjoy yourself.
Producer: (…What is this guy saying?)
Shiki: Don’t give me such a cold glare.
Shiki: I just can’t help but feel that my fate is to be with you.
Producer: …I don’t feel that way.
Fateful encounter 1 (3)
Shiki: My, my, my. Stubborn, aren’t we?
Shiki: Don’t make such a scary face. I’d like to see a face much cuter than that.
Shiki: Something like your very best smile that you’d show to the guy you like.
Shiki: Just leave it to me. Come on, I’ll get you to have lots of fun.
Producer: It’s a shame, but the only thing that can get me to enjoy myself at the moment is my job.
Producer: So, in other words, if you’re trying to pick up girls, go try someone else.
Fateful encounter 1 (4)
Shiki: Ahh, ahh— I’ve been rejected. Work is the only thing you enjoy, eh?
Shiki: How cool~. I feel like I’m going to meet you again somewhere, you know~?
Shiki: And when that time comes, you should go out with me! Well now, until then~
Producer: (…What a weird person. But it feels like I’ve seen him somewhere before, doesn’t it?)
Producer: (To think that the guy coming onto me would turn out to be my Aichuu…
Producer: I recognized him because he was in the files I received about the new generation of students the principal gave me…
Producer: To think that a guy like him would turn out to be an Aichuu that I’ll be teaching… I don’t understand how this world works.
Producer: Maybe it was fate, just like he said.)
Fateful encounter 1 (5)
Shiki: Sensei. What are you doing, all by yourself at this hour?
Shiki: Were you waiting for me, maybe?
Producer: Of course not.
Shiki: Then were you thinking about something? Like a man, perhaps~?
Producer: I wonder? Who’s to say.
Shiki: Don’t avoid the question, answer me. I want to know a lot more about you, after all, Sensei.
Producer: …It’s nothing. I was just thinking about something from a while ago.


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