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Fateful encounter 2 (1)
Shiki: I see~… So then what? Won’t you give me the full story?
Producer: I might as well. I suppose I kind of have to tell you now, don’t I?
Shiki: Seems so. You and I are a producer and her Aichuu, after all. Hiding things isn’t good for fostering a trusting relationship between the two of us, now is it?
Producer: …You sure can talk, can’t you?
Shiki: That’s only because I’m interested in you, Sensei.
Producer: I wonder.
Fateful encounter 2 (2)
Shiki: Come now, don’t be so nasty. Tell me who you were thinking about.
Producer: …Just like you thought, I was just thinking a bit about a man that I met a while ago.
Producer: (Even though I mean him, I’m not technically saying anything untrue…)
Shiki: Hmm… So you really were thinking about a man.
Shiki: And here I thought you were someone who put her work before boys, Sensei.
Producer: Don’t you think you’re making too much of this?
Fateful encounter 2 (3)
Shiki: Hey, Sensei. What kind of guy is he? A better man than me?
Producer: And just why do I have to tell you that…?
Shiki: I mean, you’re my producer, aren’t you?
Fateful encounter 2 (4)
Shiki: [Play] I’ll get jealous if you talk about men other than me, you know. I’m listening…
Producer: It seems you really to want to hog things for yourself. But you realize that you and I don’t have a relationship like the kind you’re talking about, right?
Shiki: My, you only ever say such cold things. You haven’t changed at all from when we first met.
Producer: .....
Shiki: Say, Sensei. Do you remember the day we first met?
Shiki: We ran into each other once before we met at school.
Producer: …As if I’d be able to forget. It was quite a baffling meeting.
Fateful encounter 2 (5)
Shiki: So you do remember me?
Producer: That’s what I was recalling just now.
Shiki: …Really?
Producer: I don’t know what reason I’d have to lie about it. Although it might have been better if I’d just told you I was thinking about some other guy.
Shiki: No need to tell such terrible lies. Hey, what exactly do you remember about me? Tell me everything.


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