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Producer: Well, when I first met you… I thought you were really annoying, but you still managed to keep me there, regardless.
Fateful encounter 3 (1)
Shiki: As cruel as ever, I see. Although I do like that about you.
Producer: Are you really saying stuff like that again…? You really never change, do you, Amabe-kun?
Shiki: Did you want me to change, Sensei?
Producer: I wouldn’t say that, but… I thought you were a really weird person.
Fateful encounter 3 (2)
Shiki: So honest. I love that about you, too.
Producer: I’d have never thought in a million years that the playboy hitting on me would end up being an Aichuu I’d produce.
Shiki: What’s this, are you ignoring my love confession?
Producer: If I responded to each and every one of your confessions, then I wouldn’t have time to be a producer.
Shiki: Oh, why are you saying such terrible things~?
Shiki: But isn’t saying that it was fate another way to think about it?
Producer: ...!?
Producer: (That’s just what I was thinking a little while ago, but… It must be a coincidence, right?)
Shiki: No matter what you would have done, it was fate for you to run into me.
Producer: …I can’t say I’ve ever thought that.
Shiki: Don’t tell me that.
Fateful encounter 3 (3)
Shiki: [Play] It was destiny that tied us together… You knew that, didn’t you?
Producer: Don’t get too carried away, Amabe-kun. Right now I’m fully concentrated on my work.
Shiki: Which also means you’re focused on me, right?
Producer: I should have known you’d say that.
Shiki: I could say the same to you, though.
Fateful encounter 3 (4)
Shiki: Anyway, keep your eye on me. I’ll make it so that you can’t think about anything else but me.
Shiki: You did think I had enough charm to become my producer, after all, didn’t you?
Producer: …That much is true.
Shiki: It’s all right. I’m a great man. A man worthy enough to fall in love with.
Producer: I wish you’d tell me that you’ll become an idol charming enough to succeed in the business instead.
Fateful encounter 3 (5)
Shiki: Well, if that’s what you want. Get yourself ready for when I steal your heart.


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