Father's Day and Children's Day 3 (1)
Issei: I heard that this time's costume was a request of the brats... I wondered about what costume I'd wear, but this isn't so bad.
Producer: Issei-kun... You look pretty strong.
Issei: Well, a weak-looking sengoku commander would be out of the question, right?
Producer: It's hard to believe that someone like that was playing and giggling with the children just earlier...
Father's Day and Children's Day 3 (2)
Issei: Hey, don't say things that cause misunderstandings. I wasn't giggling.
Producer: You're actually pretty popular among children, it'd be nice if you could smile more then.
Issei: You... do you really believe I can go around laughing and smiling?
Producer: ... I can't really imagine it, no.
Issei: Then don't say it.
Producer: I'm sorry~
Issei: ...... Sigh.
Producer: What are you sighing about.
Issei: Well--
Father's Day and Children's Day 3 (3)
Issei: Talking to you really calms me down... Why don't you come a little closer, so it's easier to talk?
Producer: ... I think I'm pretty close already now.
Issei: Come closer. Since I'm wearing this heavy stuff, you've kept your distance.
Producer: ... I didn't intent to.
Issei: On the day I was playing with the brats, you strangely kept your distance, you know.
Producer: After all, it was a rare chance for I-Chu and iKids to come together, so I didn't want to be in the way, you know?
Issei: I get that. I get it, but I mean, you've been different than usual on that day...
Issei: Somehow, you've been looking at me with different eyes than usual. What did you think about when you saw me playing with the children?
Producer: Let's see... I thought "how cute"? You looked like a parent with children, I thought you'd make a good father, and things like that...
Father's Day and Children's Day 3 (4)
Issei: A good father, huh...
Producer: Yes. I'm sure you'll become an amazing father, Issei-kun. I'll guarantee it!
Issei: Do you even realize what you're saying?
Producer: ? What?
Issei: To become a good father, you need a partner, you know?
Producer: I see, that's right. Issei-kun's partner, huh~ Ahaha, it's your partner, after all. She's going to become a good mother.
Issei: Can you?
Producer: What?
Issei: If you're willing to, you could make a good "mother" too.
Producer: Wha- eh!? Wh- wha- what are you saying...!!
Father's Day and Children's Day 3 (5)
Issei: Pfft! You're totally flustered.
Producer: Be- because you...!!
Issei: Think more before you talk, you fool.

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