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Flower shower de Shukufuku o 1 (1)
Shiki: It was definitely around here.
Shiki: Oh! There, there!
Priest: Oya? Aren’t you Kiraku Hajime-sensei’s--
Shiki: Ah, hello. I’m Master Kiraku’s best apprentice, Amabe Shiki.
Priest: Dearest me… The other day we received a pottery delivery from you, didn’t we?
Shiki: Yes. I received a message that they arrived safely, but I think I wanted to confirm with my own eyes that there was no problem.
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 1 (2)
Shiki: This is the first time I’ve received a commission to make wedding souvenirs, so I want to thoroughly check that there’s no problem with the commemorative gifts.
Priest: For visiting from such a far off place, thank you. Go on, please check inside.
Shiki: Of course. Excuse the intrusion.
Shiki: I’m glad nothing happened to the work. Please excuse me for picking this time to check.
Priest: No, no. Thank you for your courtesy. In any case, they’re quite nice teacups. I’m certain everyone will enjoy them.
Shiki: Ahaha. That would be nice~
Priest: Indeed. The marrying couple is scheduled to soon arrive for preliminary inspection. If it’s alright, would you like to greet them?
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 1 (3)
Shiki: Ah, that’s okay. To be told the impressions first-hand would feel kind of awkward, so I’ll be taking my leave.
Priest: I see… Then, please take caution on your way home.
Shiki: Of course. If you’ll excuse me.
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 1 (4)
Shiki: Haa… The tone of my voice becomes so stiff when it concerns work. I wonder what I should do after this…
Shiki: As usual, maybe I should search for cute girls in town… huh?
Shiki: Over there, is that Sanzenin-kun?
Shiki: Ah? Next to a girl… hah!? Maybe his girlfriend! I’ve gotta see how this plays out!
Girl walking with Takamichi: Actually, I wanted to commission Kiraku Hajime-sensei himself to make the pieces, but…
Girl walking with Takamichi: Since the reservation list continues longer than three years, I was turned down.
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 1 (5)
Takamichi: Is that so? If that’s the case, couldn’t I just save some money and ask him myself?
Girl: Ahh, no no. Sensei doesn’t work for such things!
Girl: Well, it was decided that Sensei’s best apprentice will make the work instead, so I was told to ask that person.
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 1 (6)
Takamichi: Hehhh. Even so, I’ve heard of that Kiraku Hajime from somewhere…
Girl: Jeez! Of course you have, sensei is a famous potter!
Girl: It wouldn’t hurt to remember the names of famous people. Get a grip, Takamichi!
Takamichi: I get it! ...Haa, though I thought it’s been a while since you returned to Japan, it still comes to this.
Girl: Fufu. I returned to Japan to schedule and hold the ceremony, after all.
Takamichi: That’s right. Though it’s such a long trip all the way here, there’s so much to put in order.
Takamichi: ...We have to make sure you’re happy, huh?
Girl: Yeah. I wonder if this will make me really happy
Girl: But, the reality that I have to return overseas the day after the ceremony is kinda harsh…
Takamichi: Yeah. You won’t be able to meet anybody for a while after you move back overseas
Girl: Ahhh! This irritating conversation is over! Let’s hurry up and get to the inspection of the ceremonial hall!
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 1 (7)
Takamichi: Yes, I know-- wait, hey! Don’t entwine our arms without my permission!
Girl: Fufu! Please be my escort!
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 1 (8)
Shiki: This is big…
Shiki: Sanzenin-kun is getting married overseas…?


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