Producer: Now then… Why were you two picking up girls downtown?
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (1)
Shiki: Uhh… in order to get Sanzenin-kun a girlfriend?
Takamichi: Na-!? That’s the first time I’ve heard this!
Shiki: Yeah. This is the first time I’ve said it.
Takamichi: What, how are you so calm! I’ve always liked someone already anywaーAh
Producer: Hehhh, is that true…
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (2)
Takamichi: No, wait! That was a lie! It was a figure of speech, so forget it! Yeah, just forget about it!
Shiki: (Sanzenin-kun… You’ve been with your girlfriend for this long. I can’t do any more than this, huh…)
Producer: It didn’t seem like Sanzenin-kun was flirting, Amabe-kun. Can you speak honestly?
Shiki: ...I didn’t want Sanzenin-kun to stop being an Aichuu so I thought I would find him a girlfriend
Takamichi: Ha? Stop being an Aichuu? What are you talking aboーー
Shiki: You don’t have to finish that sentence! You’re finally marrying the girl you’ve been with for so long…
Shiki: I’ll be lonely once you go abroad, but I’ll give up and see you off!
Shiki: Be happy…
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (3)
Takamichi: Thanks for that but… what are you talking about?
Producer: Sanzenin-kun. If you’re getting married, then invite me too!
Takamichi: No, wait a minute. Whether or not you’re joking, it hurts when you say those words!
Takamichi: Besides, who’s getting married? I’m not getting married or going overseas!
Takamichi: There’s no way I’d stop being an Aichuu either!
Shiki: Eh? But the other day you were walking to the church with a beautiful girl on your arm, and you were talking about getting married, y’know?
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (4)
Takamichi: -! You saw that!?
Shiki: No… I happened to check on the delivered souvenirs that day and I caught a glimpse of you while heading home…
Takamichi: So that’s what that was… Shiki! There’s a huge misunderstanding! The girl walking with me wasーー
Takamichi: My big sis!
Shiki: Ha? No way~ But you said “We gotta make sure you’re happy” and “You won’t be able to meet anybody for a while after you move back overseas”
Takamichi: I said that to my sister like “We gotta make sure you and your husband”
Takamichi: And I meant “Once you go abroad we won’t be able to meet for a while”!
Producer: So in other words…
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (5)
Shiki: I really jumped to conclusions~
Takamichi: Jeez, I’d never stop being an Aichuu without telling anyone, you know that right?
Shiki: Uu.... I’m sorry about making you flirt around due to my misunderstanding
Takamichi: That’s what cute underclassmen do. It’s necessary for men of the Sanzenin family to forgive with an open heart!
Shiki: Thanks, Sanzenin-kun. But, earlier you said that there’s already a girl you likeーー
Takamichi: -!? I told you that was a metaphor, drop it!!
Producer: Goodness… I’m glad it was just Amabe-kun’s misunderstanding…
Takamichi: Seems so. If we’ve come to a conclusion thenーー
Shiki: Hold on a minute!
Takamichi: What’s up?
Shiki: Now I know that you don’t have a girlfriend. In that case, we can kick back and continue picking up girls!
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (6)
Shiki: Come, Sanzenin-kun! Let’s get our flirt on! Let’s go change our fate with some cute girl!!
Takamichi: -!? Stupid! If you say that in front of herーー
Shiki: Eh?
Producer: A~ma~be~ku~n?
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (7)
Shiki: A-ahaha… I-it was just a joke, Producer. Look, if you get angry you’ll mess up your cute face ☆
Producer: I agreed to some work earlier, so this is great timing. There’s something I need to ask of you, Amabe-kun
Producer: Now. Shall we get going?
Shiki: Gue! Pulling on the collar hurts you know, Producer…
-drag, drag-
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (8)
Takamichi: Y-you really angered the wrong woman, Shiki
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (9)
Shiki: Hey… Producer. Do I look cool?
Producer: Amabe-kun. Stop talking and do your work
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (10)
Shiki: Nnn… But you knowーー
Old lady: Oh my… How handsome…
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (11)
Shiki: Ahh. Thank you so~ much, my lovely kitten
Old lady: Mmmyy~~
Producer: This is a 1-day wedding experience for the women at the nursing home, so when it’s over you have to take a photo with them
Producer: Like they asked, you’d better whisper a lot of swee~t words to them
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (12)
Shiki: Um… dear kitten? I’ll be a gentleman to these older women, but the one I’d like to whisper swee~t words to most isーー
Old lady: I’d like swee~t words~
Shiki: Ah… understood, my lady. Today I’ve got enough sweet nothings to go around!
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (13)
Shiki: Age matters not. Let’s write down the word we call love on the pure white vow that joins the two of us together…
Shiki: From the heavens will rain the gift of a flower shower to bless us…
Shiki: Won’t you spin this unbreakable wheel of fate for an eternity with me?
Old lady: Oh myyy~ How lovely~
Flower shower de Shukufuku o 5 (14)
Shiki: Ahaha… Well, I suppose this is how some things end… sniffle…


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