Producer: (Now that I’ve bought everything that I needed to, next I should…)
Frank Attitude 1 (1)
Kokoro: Ahh, Producer! What a good place to run into you!
Producer: Eh? Ah, Hanabusa-san…!?
Kokoro: Come here for a sec! I need your advice on something.
Producer: (Hanabusa-san is consulting me about something…? How odd. I wonder what it could be about?)
Kokoro: So, hey, these outfits! Which one do you think would look best on Kokoro?
Producer: ...Eh?
Kokoro: Yeah, I mean, I can never resist pink, since I always wear it, but something blue every now and then might be cute too…
Frank Attitude 1 (2)
Kokoro: And, y’know, it’s been a while since something blue has caught my eye like this. Should I trust my instincts and buy the blue one?
Kokoro: But, but! This pink one is so cute, too, that I can’t bring myself to let it go!
Kokoro: Hey, Producer. Which one do you think is better?
Producer: (Ah, he was talking so fast that I didn’t hear it at all…)
Frank Attitude 1 (3)
Kokoro: …Wait, Producer, are you listening?
Producer: I’m listening to you. Let me think it over for a bit.
Producer: (Umm, he wants to know which one is the better choice, right? Naturally, they’d both look good on him, but…)
Producer: I think the pink one would emphasize your innocence and be really cute. Yeah, it would feel very much like how you usually are.
Producer: But the blue one would be a bit different and refreshing, and give you the impression of being a well-put-together older girl.
Producer: …Yeah, so while it’s fine to stick with what seems to feel “like you”, I know that you have a lot of different charming aspects to you, so I think you should go with the blue one.
Producer: Since I know that you’re not just a cute idol.
Frank Attitude 1 (4)
Kokoro: Ufufu! As I expected of you, Producer.
Producer: …Did I say something weird…?
Kokoro: Nope, just the opposite! I haven’t thought about picking out clothes like that, so this is all new to me! Tell me more.
Producer: Umm…
Kokoro: I’m so happy that you’d think about Kokoro this much!
Producer: Well, that’s because that the only way I have any appeal to you…
Kokoro: Hey, I’m praising you, so it’s okay to show how happy you honestly feel–!
Kokoro: [Play] Ufufu! Kokoro is rea~lly interested in you, Producer.
Producer: Eh?
Frank Attitude 1 (5)
Kokoro: I’m saaaying, since Kokoro’s so interested in you, nothing can be done to change that!
Kokoro: So let’s keep chatting a whole lot from now on, okay?