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Story Edit

Why are there girls?Edit

Kokoro Hanabusa, Momosuke Oikawa Runa Kagurazaka, as well as the iKids Rara Arisugawa and Mimi Arisugawa are boys. There are no female idols in the game.

What's with the bear?Edit

The bear is Kumakocho, the principal of Etoile Vio School.

I want to skip the stories.Edit

Press the gear button and click on either the yellow button (Skip) which will fast forward the story or the purple button (Result) which will take you to the menu. You will still get rewards if you pick the purple button.

I can't unlock any more chapters, what do I do?Edit

Either you haven't cleared the song you need to clear, you don't have the needed level or there simply aren't more chapters out yet.

Troubleshooting Edit

Help, I'm stuck at a white/splash/menu screen. Edit

Restart the app and make sure you have a stable internet connection.

My game is laggy. Edit

Turn off cut-ins and background animation and make sure you have a stable internet connection.

My game is still laggyEdit

Force stop running apps before opening I-Chu.

None of those methods worked for meEdit

It might be that your phone is too old to run I-Chu smoothly.

I wanna switch devices, will I lose anything? Edit

If you switch from an android device to an android device or and iOS device to iOS device, you won't lose anything. If you switch from android to iOS or iOS to android you will lose your discs.

My transfer code doesn't work anymore. Edit

Transfer codes can only be used once. That's why it is highly recommended to issue a transfer code after installing the game.

Do I have to use my transfer code right away? Edit

No, of course not. You can generate one and keep it safe somewhere until you need it.

Does the transfer code expire? Edit

No, unless you use the code, it doesn't expire.

I lost my phone/changed devices/uninstalled I-Chu and now I want my game back but I don't have a transfer code, help! Edit

You can write the support to get your account back.

Events Edit

Where can I find the event page? Edit

On the menu bar, the button that looks like a calendar

How can I get a lot of points? Edit

There are four different event types which all work differently. The tour event, the group event, the hijack event and the bingo event pages all have in-depth explanations of how to get event points. 

Shop Edit

I want to buy some Discs, do they accept foreign debit/credit cards? Edit

Yes, a user has bought some using American Express. Visa and Mastercard might work too. Another user has bought some using Paypal.

I don't want to buy discs, is there any way I can get some? Edit

Yes, you can get some through:

  • Login bonuses
  • Events
  • Daily Missions
  • Reading Main Stories
  • S-ranks in songs
    • Story songs from Easy-Normal will give 1 disc if you SSS rank the song
    • Story songs on Hard will give 3 discs if you SSS rank the song
    • Daily songs from Easy-Hard will give 3 discs if you SSS rank the song
    • Expert songs will give 1 disc and 1 ticket if you SSS rank the song
  • Maxing out character affection and reading their Story
  • Album completion rewards
  • Exchanging melody pieces for discs

I want to replenish my LP.Edit

Click on the plus button next to the LP bar. You will then be asked to choose from a candy, a lollipop and a disc. The candy will restore 50% of your LP. The lollipop will restore 100% of your LP. The disc will restore 100% of your LP


Is it possible to delete an entire team?Edit

Yes. If you go into the team composition screen there is a blue button. Click on it and your team members will be removed.

How can I delete someone from my friends list?Edit

Go into your friend list and click the blue button (On). The on will turn into an "off" and now you can delete friends if you click on the blue button on the friend icon. Just click ok then and the friend is deleted.

What is the Etoile function?Edit

It's a special way of idolizing your cards to make their stats stronger. You can only etoile already idolized cards. To etoile them you can use special Etoile bear cards, or spare copies of the unidolized version of the same card. The etoile level only goes up to +5.

How can I activate the skills?Edit

There are many different ways to activate the skills. Some of them need you to get a specific amount of perfects, some of them only trigger when your hp fall under a specific number, but that are not the only ways how you can activate skills. Unit skills, however, only activate when you have all members of the Unit in your team. And you need to set the card, from which you want to activate the skill, as your leader.

I have a card with skill level 10 and one with level 1 and I want to idolize them. Will the idolized card have skill level 10 too?Edit

Yes, if you choose the card with the level 10 skill first when idolizing, it will keep the level 10 skill.

What are the bear cards for?Edit

The maid/food bear cards are for leveling the skill level, the bears with swords in their hands are for normal leveling, the bear statues give you a good amount of money when you sell them and the special etoile kumakocho cards are for raising your cards' stats even further!

Is there a reward when I max the affection of my cards?Edit

There is! If you max the affection you unlock a story which gives you either money or discs. If you max out the affection of HN cards you get discs when you complete their story.

Where can I get the melody pieces and what do they do? Edit

You can get them from clearing songs! And you can exchange 10 pieces of them for one disc in the shop.

Scouting Edit

What cards can I get in Normal Scout? Edit

Normal cards, Rare cards and the R - UR bear cards.

What cards can I get in Premium Scout? Edit

R, SR and LE cards.

I've been using premium scout for the nth time, why haven't I gotten a single LE card? Why am I always getting R cards? Edit

Keep in mind that the rates for scouting are as followed: Rare: 75%, SR: 21%, LE: 4%. So chances of getting an LE card are extremely low.

Where can I get HN, UR, GR cards? Edit

You can get them through idolizing. A N card when idolized becomes a HN card. A SR card when idolized becomes an UR card. A LE card when idolized becomes a GR card.

Where can I get scouting tickets? Edit

  • Events
  • Getting SSS rank in Expert difficulty for certain songs
  • Login bonuses
  • Rewards from live shows like a nico live or a LINE live

Where can I use scouting tickets? Edit

You can use them in Premium Scouting. Alternatively you can use them in Royal Scouting where you can get a SR or LE card for 5 tickets.

Will event cards be available again in the future?Edit

Yes, the cards will be available in the Republishing Scouts as well as the Best Boy Scout.

I scouted but I can only see half of the cards I got. What happened?Edit

Your inventory is probably full. Check out your present box, the missing cards should be there.


Are there plans for an English version?Edit

As of the moment, there hasn't been any announcement regarding an English version.

Will there be full versions of the songs?Edit

Yes! However, these songs are only available on CD's, and not in-game.

Why is it called I-Chu? Isn't it supposed to be Aichuu?Edit

The developer themselves called it I-Chu, their website is

How come some people have coloured names?Edit

You can colour your name by simply adding a colour code within these brackets [ ] in front of your username. e.g. [colour code] name. After entering a colour code you'll then only have two characters to spare. You can also do this for your messages.

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