Producer Today is hot outside too...well, that's to be expected. It's summer after all.
Producer I finished the first part of my paperworks so I guess I'll go feel the summer on my skin.
Producer If I always stay in an air conditioned room I'll forget the seasons.
Producer Hah, it's hot!
Producer But if it's like this, when the wind blows in the shadow it feels great.
Issei I think so too
Producer Wah! Todoroki-kun!
Furious Heaven (1)
Issei Don't talk with such a loud voice. My ears hurt.
Producer So-sorry...
Issei Good grief, why are you here...
Producer That's my line!
Furious Heaven (2)
Issei I'm taking a break from practice
Producer Practice?
Issei What's with you, don't you even remember the job you took yourself?
Producer I do remember that but...
Producer There's not any new song in particular so I thought that it was unusual for you to do practice at this hour
Furious Heaven (3)
Issei I-diot. Isn't the next audience our aim?
Issei The performances until now haven't been enough. I did a practice exactly because I think that.
Producer ....this is unexpected. So you were thinking something like that.
Furious Heaven (4)
Issei You, what do you even think of people?
Producer Truth is, I thought you were more of a person without will to do it. That was before we ended in the same class too though...
Issei At that time I was, well, a lot of things happened.
Producer Weren't you an indiscrete youngster?
Issei If you want to make fun of me then I'm going back.
Producer It's a joke it's a joke. I'm not thinking such thing, so let's talk a bit more. It's been a while since we've last been together like this.
Producer Todoroki-kun, you're not good with air conditioners too, right?
Furious Heaven (5)
Issei You're right. Since I have to sing now, if something happened to my throat it would be a problem.
Producer Air conditioners also dry the air. I don't like them too....At that time we talked like this too, didn't we.
Issei It was an unexpected meeting. I just thought about it too.
Issei To think we would be acquaintances from senior highschool to here. I didn't think that would've happened.
Producer Ahaha, you're right.

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