Producer Rather, it's not like we were that close on senior high school.
Furious Heaven (6)
Issei When I think about it it may be like that. It's the second time we talk like this together, huh.
Producer Being alone with the Todoroki-kun of that time was like being with a stormy beast after all
Furious Heaven (7)
Issei Hah, you're saying it too aren't you. Well, it was like that though..
Issei ....The me during highschool was pretty wild.
Producer But, something that didn't change from that time is that Akabane-kun and Sanzenin-kun are here.
Furious Heaven (8)
Issei They just approached me as they wanted...
Producer it was like that.
Issei Well, I started hanging out with them and that's why I ended up without free time every day, but it wasn't completely like that though.
Producer I see. In the past I couldn't help but spend everyday having fun too.
Issei Is it different now?
Producer I wonder. I'm doing what I wished to do in this job, but it's not all just fun after all.
Producer When it comes to working no matter what you do the responsibilities will follow you. Also, there are not only things that you want to do.
Issei ....Even you can have things you don't want to do, huh.
Producer Of course there are. There are also clients hard to deal with. But, I do have the ability to make them like me.
Producer There's also paperwork too after all. My eyes get tired, and the shoulders or back lately have been really bad...
Issei Isn't that because you're old?
Producer I don't want to be told that by you, who's the same age as me!
Furious Heaven (9)
Issei Hahaha! It may be like that. However, unlike you I don't have such bad body condition.
Producer Uu!...I want to make you savour it too. The unfinished business work from hell...!
Furious Heaven (10)
Issei Hey, why are you saying such frightening things. I'm absolutely sorry. You don't have to say that, since I'm an idol.
Producer Because of such reason...!?
Issei I didn't mean it like that, it's a joke. I'm here because I have something I want to accomplish.
Furious Heaven (11)
Issei At first they were just half-assed feelings, but unexpectedly I'm having a lot of fun. Don't forget that. Al'right, it's the end of the pause huh.

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