Furious Heaven (12)
Issei Yo, everyone. You came a lot here. I don't know with what intention you came here but,
Issei Everyone, show me such a feverish live that it will be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about today.
Issei If you let me become serious I can make you go in delirium too, y'know?
Furious Heaven (13)
Issei Lancelot's live is starting!
Producer (The guests are getting pretty feverish too)
Producer (As expected of Todoroki-kun. As soon as the live started people got drawn in.)
Producer Without doubts, when people will think about today their hearts will be filled with your face, your song and your performance.
Producer (Besides, I have to do the job of watching)
Furious Heaven (14)
Producer Thank you for your hard work, Todoroki-kun.
Issei was the guest's reaction?
Producer The best! A while ago I went to check the place where they were selling the goods and right after the end of the performance the demand for Lancelot's CD's was great.
Producer I'm glad we prepared a lot of CD's to overcome the surrounding worry.
Issei You had confidence in us to that extend?
Producer Isn't it obvious! There aren't people who wouldn't become crazy about it if they saw a Lancelot live.
Furious Heaven (15)
Issei Is that flattery? Or are you being serious?
Producer Of course I'm being serious
Producer Ah~...I'm looking forward to seeing the clip!
Furious Heaven (16)
Issei Good grief, it doesn't help if the producer is so happy. Then, quickly decide about the next live.
Producer Leave it to me!
Producer Ah, anyways, how was the timing of the lighting? We couldn't try it during rehearsal.
Producer We did a business meeting once to be careful though.
Furious Heaven (17)
Issei Right, it wasn't bad but, it was a boring lightning work, without thrill. It was you that thought it right?
Producer To make it more interesting...Next time I'll think of something better!
Issei Well, we've known each-other for a long time so I won't worry.
Producer Eh...really?
Furious Heaven (18)
Issei What good would it be for me to lie in this moment? Are you not believing me?
Producer I have difficulties believing you exactly because you're saying it like that, but.
Issei What's with that? In the end do you believe me or not--
Producer I believe you!!
Furious Heaven (19)
Issei said it with quite a loud voice. You're an embarrassing one.

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