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Producer: (Today we’re having a hanetsuki practice session in preparation for an upcoming New Year’s program. I’m starting to enjoy myself just watching how the idea of a class held where everyone wears kimono plays out~)
Issei: Hey, Futami! You better do this right.
Takamichi: There’s no way that [name] won’t get mad over a score like this.
Futami: It’ll be fine. As long as she doesn’t find out, we’re good, we’re good~
Producer: What’ll be fine if I don’t find out about it?
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Futami: Uwah-!? Huh? Weren’t you busy with a recording for the third gens? I thought you weren’t coming.
Producer: The recording went better than expected, so I left earlier than I’d planned. More importantly, though… What’s with your face? Akabane-kun.
Futami: Oh, um, see, this is practice for, uh, hanetsuki, y'know… Yeah, that’s what we’ve been doing… We’re getting dead serious about it!
Producer: If you were practicing seriously, I don’t think you’d be doodling with ink on your face.
Futami: Oh, that? Issei and Takamichi were just screwing around and overdid it with the ink. Those guys really have no mercy, which means they’re giving me a lot of hassle…
Producer: It seems like those two were pretty angry about your match, though.
Futami: Of course not. Right, you gu– Hey, they’re gone!! How mean! Those two just ran off and left me here…
Producer: Sigh. They didn’t run off so much as go back to their own training like they’re supposed to.
Futami: I guess…you could say that?
Producer: Geez… You’ve gotta get serious about putting your all into this, right?
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Futami: Come on, we’re just playing around here, aren’t we? If I put serious effort into this I’ll just get tired out.
Producer: “Tired out”… You mean you won’t feel frustrated at all if you lose?
Futami: Nah… Not really. I’m enjoying myself just fine as it is. I mean, aside from having ink smeared on my face, it’s fun, don’t you think?
Producer: Sigh… Please get just a little bit of motivation going here.
Futami, intensive special training!? 1 (3)
Futami: Motivation, huh… Probably the word that’s farther away from me than any other…
Producer: I want to see what you look like when you get serious, though, Akabane-kun.
Futami: Even if you say that, it’s no use~
Futami: Ah, how about this, then: you can get me a prize that’ll get me fired up. I’m sure I’ll work hard if there’s a prize!
Producer: Well, you say a “prize”, but…
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Futami It doesn’t have to be a physical object~. Something like you wearing a kimono would be enough to get my spirits up~
Producer: Me in a kimono? Would that seriously be enough to get you motivated?
Futami: It would, it would! I mean, everybody here might already be wearing kimono, but since they’re all guys, it’s not exactly a feast for the eyes!
Futami: So come on, hurry up, hurry~! I can help you you get changed, if you want~?
Producer: Eh?! I- I’m good! I can dress myself! …Speaking of which, though, can you put on kimono by yourself, Akabane-kun?
Futami, intensive special training!? 1 (5)
Futami: Yup. When I still lived with my family, wearing a kimono was pretty standard~. I helped Issei and Takamichi put theirs on today, too.
Producer: Amazing…!
Futami: So, I’ll still offer to help you put yours on too, Producer~
Producer: Denied! I’ll go get changed, so promise me that you’re really going to apply yourself, okay?
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Futami: Yes, ma'am–! I’ll wait here like a good boy!


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