Futami: Man, that was actually fun! What a hanetsuki battle! I’d have never thought in a million years that I’d be such a model athlete and win~
Producer: Maybe so, but that’s something else. It seems that practice and the real thing look completely different, after all.
Producer: You were so cool, Akabane-kun! It’ll be so satisfying to people all around the world to see you look so stoic and resolved!
Futami: Ahaha, well, what an honor.
Futami: Ah, speaking of which, when are we going to go do that?
Producer: Do what?
Futami, intensive special training!? 3 (1)
Futami: The date, the kimono date. Did you maybe forget about it, Producer? How me~an!
Producer: Ahaha! Of course I didn’t forget. …But about that.
Futami: Yeah?
Producer: I’m sorry, we can’t do it after all!
Futami: Eh… Ehhh?! Why not?!
Producer: Because you’ll stand out too much. Akabane-kun, you might not realize it yourself, but you are an idol.
Producer: So if we went on a date in kimono, then everyone would notice, don’t you think?
Futami, intensive special training!? 3 (2)
Futami: Ahh… I see… All because I started being an idol…
Producer: I’m really sorry. I jumped the gun since I thought it would be okay…
Futami, intensive special training!? 3 (3)
Futami: Nah… Can’t do anything about that. Besides, if I hadn’t become an idol, then I wouldn’t have met you again, anyway.
Futami: But hey, what if, in exchange for the date…
Producer: What? …Uh, you’re putting your hand out.
Futami: It’s been a while, so you can hold my hand and we’ll go for a walk.
Producer: Wh– What do you mean, “it’s been a while”…!? We’ve never done something like taken a walk and held hands before…
Futami, intensive special training!? 3 (4)
Futami: You may not know about it, but we have. Although it was just in my dreams, I guess. …I’ve always wanted to, though~
Producer: …If we’re going to hold hands, then you can’t just drag me along. I’ll be the one to take the lead.
Futami: Pfft, ahaha! That part of you hasn’t changed at all!
Producer: Wh-Why are you laughing!?


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