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Akabane Futami
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"Good job? No job is more comfortable and easy~"
Aliases Futami
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 25
Blood Type B
Birthday March 30th
Height 6'1" or 185 cm
Weight 61 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Lancelot
Position Member
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Brother
Hobby Ikebana
Fave Food Apples
LeastFave Food French Bread
• Portrayal•
CV Yuuma Uchida
Futami Akabane Signature
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Futami Akabane (赤羽根双海 Akabane Futami) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, Lancelot, which was the sixth to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

Futami is known for being a slacker, with a living life of a NEET. Because of this, his high school classmates Issei Todoroki and Takamichi Sanzenin dragged him into the world of show business. Flower arrangement is his strong point since his family is the head of an Ikebana[1] school. However, his parents were extremely strict on his standards. For this reason, he left home and lived as a NEET. Futami has an inseparable relationship with the producer and often has her treat him to meals.


  • Make a simple self introduction
    • My name is Futami Akabane~ Before becoming an I-chu I was always an unemployed NEET. Eh, am I still a NEET? No way~
  • How did you become an idol?
    • It was a situation where I had no choice but to work. Since apparently I'm the kind of person that can do it if he tries, I guess I'll try my best~
  • Your impression upon meeting the other members?
    • Issei is scary while Takamichi is arrogant. I'm the most refreshing, right? Now that I think about it, it's a wonder my past self was able to become friends with them!

Personality Edit

Futami is a laid-back, happy-go-lucky man who doesn't like things that are even the slightest bit tiresome and will steer clear of anything he considers bothersome shamelessly. He's often a target of anger and dissatisfaction from the other members of his unit and the producer for lazying around all day and possessing not a hint of motivation for seemingly anything, but it doesn't seem to greatly concern him at all. Futami believes that relaxing and doing things at one's own pace is the key to everything and wouldn't mind if someone bought food for him everyday. He loves sloths and can be seen smoking from time to time.

Appearance Edit

Futami has brown messy hair that often sticks out along with wavy and uneven bangs that cup his face. He has droopy, green eyes that often make him appear sleepy.

Along with wearing a lot of green he often wears shirts with sloths on them.

Voiced Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Spare me from the bothersome things, okay?
Can't I just leave it to the other two and go home?
Futami Scout

File:Futami Scout2.ogg
Idolizing I want Namakemono's[2] merch~
Futami Idolize
Regular It's not like I don't want to do it? It's just that it's a pain~
Futami Home Reg1
Good job? "No job" is more comfortable and easy~
Futami Home Reg2
Why is french bread so hard... It tires my jaws.
Futami Home Reg3
Issei and Takamichi try hard to make up for my laziness, I'm really grateful~
Futami Home Reg4
It's all over if you overwork yourself and get sick. Just do it at a leisurely pace like me.
Futami Home Reg5
It's better to speak honestly about bothersome things~
Futami Home Reg6
What are you getting all hasty about? Don't get impatient, let's just do it slowly.
Futami Home Reg7
If you haven't found a job that suits you, there's no point in working.
Futami Home Reg8
I'll work if you give me Nama-chan's merch~
Futami Home Reg9
Yo! Youngsters, please keep it up~ Keep working hard so I don't have to~
Futami Home Reg10
New Monthly Lines
January Happy New Year~ Hey, hey, give me New Year's mone~y ♪
Futami Home 2Jan1
I was staying comfortable in the kotatsu, but Issei dragged me outside... It's cold~
Futami Home 2Jan2
February N-Nama-chan shaped chocolate?! I wouldn't be able to eat it because it would be such a waste!
Futami Home 2Feb1
Nyan nyan nya~n♪ It's the appearance of Futanyan! I tried taking part in Cat's Day.
Futami Home 2Feb2
March My return gift for White Day~ I'll give you a Nama-chan mascot~
Futami Home 2Mar1
March is my birth month~ I'm expecting great presents~
Futami Home 2Mar2
April I made a flower arrangement with spring as the image. Do you want to see it?
Futami Home 2Apr1
I know that it's April Fools, but thinking of a lie is too bothersome.
Futami Home 2Apr2
May I'm always hit by May blues so it doesn't matter. I don't wanna do any~thing.
Futami Home 2May1
It's finally Golden Week and yet I have work... Being an idol is so hard...
Futami Home 2May2
June Rainy season, huh... Humidity is the natural enemy of plushies. Nama-chan.....
Futami Home 2Jun1
Did the first half of the year already pass~? Isn't it a bit too fast?
Futami Home 2Jun2
July Look, look~! It's a Nama-chan beach ball! Isn't it cute~♪
Futami Home 2Jul1
At summer festivals you have to eat candy apples! But if I eat them in front of Issei he gets angry~
Futami Home 2Jul2
August So hot~ ... I want to eat apple sherbet on days like this... File:Futami Home 2Aug1.ogg
A- A test of courage!? I- I won't go, okay!? Definitely not! File:Futami Home 2Aug2.ogg
September Issei, is that sake you got from Toya-kun~? Give me some too♪
Futami Home 2Sep1
The beer and the dangos are delicious~! The Tsukimi is the best~!
Futami Home 2Sep2
October I have to wear an Halloween costume~? ....Is a Nama-chan costume alright?
Futami Home 2Oct1
A sports festival is really bothersome so give me a break, okay?
Futami Home 2Oct2
November Autumn leaves are beautiful~ I wouldn't mind going to watch them if you're together with me~
Futami Home 2Nov1
The sofa at Takamichi's house is so soft and fluffy~
Futami Home 2Nov2
December Issei will be Santa Claus, I'll be the reindeer and Takamichi will be~.... The tree?
Futami Home 2Dec1
Thank you for this year~ I'll be relying on you for next year too!
Futami Home 2Dec2
Old Monthly Lines
January For New Year, kotatsu and mikan are a must! As long as I have these two, I can get through January!
Futami Home Jan1
Hatsumode? Ngh~ I don't want to get out of my house~
Futami Home Jan2
February Eh? Chocolate? Heeh, you made some for me! You're skilled too~
Futami Home Feb1
Everyone says that Issei is scary, but is he really that scary?
Futami Home Feb2
March This is a gift from me for White Day. It's not handmade, but will you take it?
Futami Home Mar1
Hmm! Eating an apple while looking at the cherry blossoms is really special~♪
Futami Home Mar2
April It's gotten really warm. On days like this, lazing around is the best!
Futami Home Apr1
Producer, I'll give it my best and work! Nah, I'm lying.
Futami Home Apr2
May Oh, it's the Koinobori's. [3] They sure are hard-working for floating day and night~
Futami Home May1
You get tired just by moving during the rainy season. I wanna slack off...
Futami Home May2
June Time sure passes by in the blink of an eye.
Futami Home Jun1-16
Oh, it's time to change my wardrobe for the season. I have to organize everything but I don't feel like moving at all...
Futami Home Jun2-16
July Shall we go together to the summer festival? It feels like it would be fun if you're with me too~
Futami Home Jul1
Guu~ Hn, eh? Why am I buried by sand? Get me out~
Futami Home Jul2
August It's hot... When I go home I want to turn on the cooler... But my electricity is shut off!
Futami Home Aug1
If it's this hot, the most ecological thing that we can do is idling at home doing nothing.
Futami Home Aug2
September For a rabbit to go to the moon and make mochi.. They sure are hardworking, huh.
Futami Home Sep1
We finally made it through the hot summer... I can sleep peacefully in this cool autumn weather~
Futami Home Sep2
October I like Halloween. I can get sweets even if I just stand still~
Futami Home Oct1
If I work, I won't be myself anymore, right? What's so good about that?!
Futami Home Oct2
November Autumn has just the right temperature. When winter comes around, I won't be able to sleep since it's too cold.
Futami Home Nov1
Maybe I should show off my artistic skill in arranging flowers~
Futami Home Nov2
December Winter apples are a special thing, you know? You should try some too.
Futami Home Dec1
Merry Christmas! Next year I will surely get serious!
Futami Home Dec2
Start Menu I-Chu!
Futami Start Menu
Download While you wait, how about taking a nap with me?
Futami Download
Story It's fine to choose things you want to see.
Futami Story
Main Story Choose a chapter that you like!
Doesn't this look kinda interesting?
Futami Main Story2
Love Story Love~ I also want to try tasting love.
Futami Love Story1
Let's read the story together, okay?
Futami Love Story2
Shop There's a shop!
Futami Shop
Disk Purchase Won't you also buy my share?
Friend Do you want you see your friends information?
Futami Friend
Other For now you can come here if there's something bothering you.
During Lives
R/RR Start What a pain~
Futami RRR Start
Skill One more time! File:Futami RRR Skill1.ogg
See, you can do it if you try! File:Futami RRR Skill2.ogg
I'm doing pretty well too.
Futami RRR Skill3
Clear Great work~ Now, I guess I'll go back to the dressing room and sleep!
Futami RRR Clear
Affection Gain I'm happy that you can get the bonuses~
Futami RRR AffectGain
SR/UR Start Let's finish this quickly~
Futami SRUR Start
Skill I'll leave the rest to you.
Futami SRUR Skill1
Yes, yes, do your best~
Futami SRUR Skill2
Can I take a quick break?
Futami SRUR Skill3
Clear I think I tried too hard~
Futami SRUR Clear
Affection Gain It's thanks to you!
Futami SRUR AffectGain
LE/GR Start I won't mind if you make a mistake~ File:Futami LEGR Start.ogg
Skill Let's relax some more~
Futami LEGR Skill1
Activate~ File:Futami LEGR Skill2.ogg
This is a piece of cake, huh. File:Futami LEGR Skill3.ogg
Clear Encore!? Give me a break~ File:Futami LEGR Clear.ogg
Affection Gain That's awesome! I respect you for that~ File:Futami LEGR AffectGain.ogg
New Skill Lines
SR/UR Skill File:Futami SRUR2 Skill1.ogg
File:Futami SRUR2 Skill2.ogg
File:Futami SRUR2 Skill3.ogg
LE/GR Skill I'm motivated! File:Futami LEGR2 Skill1.ogg
Because we are together, I can do my best~ File:Futami LEGR2 Skill2.ogg
I'll show you my seriousness~ File:Futami LEGR2 Skill3.ogg

References Edit

  1. The art of Japanese flower arrangement, with formal display according to strict rules; Ike means Arrange and Bana, originally Hana, means Flower.
  2. Japanese for the animal Sloth. Nama-chan refers to this. Futami owns a large collection of Sloth shaped / patterned items.
  3. From Wikipedia

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