Profile Story
(Profile Story) Futami Akabane

... Huh, you're skipping too?
Ahaha, just kidding. I know. You're the serious type that wouldn't do such a thing like that.
As for me, I'm just taking a short break.
The sky's blue and the wind feels nice. I was thinking I wanted to smoke~
It would be the greatest if I could skip class just like this, go home and take an afternoon nap~
On a day like this, I don't feel like doing aaanything~
Speaking of which. I've heard you're going to become our producer?
Isn't it tiresome also being a teacher? Seriously, you have strange tastes.
You might as well have taken charge of an idol that's more idol like.
I think you already know, but you might have trouble handling us? Is that really okay?
... I see. If you're doing what you like I can't stop you can I.
If you say so, I guess I need to help out a bit~ I wonder about that~ Depends if I'm in the mood.
Well then, I look forwards to working with you. Producer♪

Initial R/RR I'm getting serious from tomorrow on
Second Batch R/RR A bitter experience tastes like apples
Initial SR/UR I wonder if I will get motivated~
New Year SR/UR Futami, intensive special training!?
Part-time Job SR/UR Working Pro NEET
Phantom Thief VS Police SR/UR Easygoing thief
Cultural Festival SR/UR Ideal prince
Second Batch SR/UR Sloth's philosophy
Snowy Day SR/UR Warm snow battle
Vacation SR/UR Summer Escape
KING OF ICHU 2 SR/UR Putting gratitude into words
Gothic SR/UR Screaming! A horror-like escape game
Initial LE/GR Kid that can do it if he tries
NEET Futami no buraritabi LE/GR Aimless Journey of Futami the NEET
Autograph Meeting LE/GR NEET Futami's autograph session
1st Anniversary LE/GR Two sides of the club
Pool LE/GR Shiny Day for skipping out
X'mas 2016 LE/GR Innocent feelings and a present
Namakemono LoveSlowly LE/GR Sloths LoveSlowly
Cyber LE/GR Overflowing emotions and clouds of tears
Children's Day LE/GR Promised birthday song
Warlock LE/GR Clear idea
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Sloth's repayment
Doctor LE/GR A job that would suit me?
I-Chu Awards 2017 Mini album GR 2017 General Election 2nd Place
Awards Merch GR Futami's merchandise
Valentine's Day 2018 LE/GR Sparkling Nama-chan cake
Birthday LE/GR One line of gratitude birthday