Todoroki Isei Twitter Icon
When I first met you I thought you were annoying, but I'm glad I met you.
Sanzenin Takamichi Twitter Icon
That personality of yours has saved us. Thank you for that, Futami.

What do you think is your selling point as an idol?
I wonder if I even have one~? Something I'm good at would be the trumpet, since I used to always play it at Takamichi's house~

If you had to describe your type of woman?
I want someone that would leave me alone. Ah, but someone that would spoil me when I want to be spoiled would be nice~ Is this egoistic?

Your favorite saying (or motto)?
"If I work I lost!" That's my policy~

If one day you became one of the other I-chu's, who would you want to become?
I would like to become Takamichi an buy e~verything that I want!

If you didn't aim to become an idol, then what would you have become?
Continue being a NEET. I think I would stay at home all the time and do nothing~

Someone you respect (admire)?
U~hm...there isn't anyone in particular. Ah, but everyone that is more NEET than me has my respect~

Someone that took your interest? (someone you consider a rival)
Doesn't Torahiko-kun look like he's pretty rich? I want to be closer to him~ I wonder if he would buy food for this old man~

The reason why you wanted to become an idol?
....Because of the turn of events? Issei and Takamichi told me "Give it a break and start working"....

The music genre you listen a lot to?
Nama-chan's theme songs! I can also dance the choreography to perfection~ Next time I want to dance to it together with Issei and Takamichi!

The thing you're aiming the most to now?
Not working at all~ But I have activities as and I-Chu now so I can't do that...It was fun before becoming an I-Chu~

What do you do on your days off?
I hug Nama-chan really tight and laze around in my bed~ Also, since I receive flowers from Momo-chan I take care that they grow beautifully~

Something that recently made you happy?
When I got the limited edition of Nama-chan's alarm clock! Thanks to that I can wake up every day without problems~

A moment that you enjoyed(found funny)?
When the fans give me Nama-chan goods and presents! I can change the Nama-chan plushie to hug everyday when sleeping!

Since we're here can you tell one secret about your unit's members?
Animals really love Issei~ During high school, when he used to skip out on the roof top he would get surrounded by wild cats~

A word that represents your team?
"Scary"? Because of that Chaoyang-kun always gets afraid and won't come closer~

Something you would say to your fans?
Are you my fan? You're strange aren't you~ Just kidding, it makes me really happy~ I'm counting on you on supporting us in the future too.

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